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WELCOME BACK Y’ALL Chapter 6: Polynomials and Polynomial Functions.

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1 WELCOME BACK Y’ALL Chapter 6: Polynomials and Polynomial Functions

2 Recall A is called the _____________ x is called the _____________ The operation involved is ___________

3 6.1: Using Properties of Exponents Properties of Exponents: 1. Product of powers 2. Power of a power 3. power of a product 4. negative exponent 5. zero exponent 6. quotient of powers 7. power of a quotient

4 When you multiply same bases, you add exponents!!!!

5 Zero exponent: Evaluate: ANYTHING TO THE ZERO POWER IS ONE!!!!!!

6 Negative exponents:



9 Evaluating Exponential Expressions:

10 SIMPLIFYING EXPONENTIAL EXPRESSIONS: ***Basically, when we simplify, we make sure that our final answer has NO negative exponents in it! What are my negative exponents??? Yes, the x and the y bases so those are the ONLY one’s that I will move to the denominator! So, both are negative so the c goes down to the denominator and the d goes up to the numerator!



13 Simplify each expression completely.

14 Rewrite the expression with positive exponents.



17 Example 6

18 Simplify the expression, only using positive exponents:

19 Division Properties of Exponents ** *Quotient of Powers: To divide powers that have the same base, you subtract the exponents. This is called the quotient of powers property. EXAMPLES:

20 YOU TRY!!!

21 ***Power of a Quotient: Remember, that when you have a base to a power raised to a power, that you multiply exponents! EXAMPLES: Remember, that you only SUBTRACT exponents, the bases HAVE TO BE THE SAME!!!! SO, that’s why we just multiply 2 by itself and 3 by itself

22 Simplify Expressions using Multiple Properties: YOU TRY:

23 Simplify Expressions with Negative Exponents:


25 Simplify each expression completely.

26 Quotient of Powers Simplify top 1 st.

27 Simplify with multiple properties



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