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Teaching About the Middle East

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1 Teaching About the Middle East
Monica M. Eraqi Arab-American National Museum

2 The Middle East & Arabs in the Curriculum
According to Marx (2002), “by the year 2050, the United States will become a nation of minorities, with less than half of the population being non-Hispanic White (as cited in Gardiner & Enomoto, 2006). Orfield (2001) argues that at present, more than half of the students attending urban schools are members of minority groups (as cited in Gardiner & Enomoto, 2006). Middle Eastern & Muslim Americans have largely been ignored from the curriculum and from research.

3 Common Core & Middle School
6th Grade – Eastern Hemisphere 7th Grade – Western Hemisphere 8th Grade – U.S. History (up to Civil War) Common Core: Broad rather than specific (Literacy & writing, thinking skills, Position & Defense) Not more work – emphasizes what teachers already do Teaching reading and writing about issues that connect to today. Examples of Common Core & GLCEs 6 – H1.1.1 Explain why and how historians use eras and periods as constructs to organize and explain human activities over time. 6 – H1.4.1 Describe and use cultural institutions to study an era and a region (political, economic, religion/belief, science/technology, written language, education, family). 7 – H1.2.6 Identify the role of the individual in history and the significance of one person’s ideas.

4 Common Core & Middle School
Reading: Textual (meant to eliminate scaffolding, emphasize higher text, above comfort level) How to assess perspectives, biases and dwell over difficult readings for information. Writing Not opinion, but POSITION Supporting with factual information Informative writing

5 Common Mistakes Ignoring Middle Easter/Islamic studies
Dismissed as unimportant Teachers lack training and resources Teachers not confident in teaching controversial issues Using videos & other instructional materials that are not sourced Using materials out of context or without historical background that emphasize Middle Eastern or Islamic stereotypes Kite Runner Bringing in Servicemen who have served in the Middle East

6 Implementing Arab-Islamic Studies
Social Studies/English Islam 5 Pillars (History Channel: Inside Islam) Political Islam (Project) Arabs & Culture Diversity Day Foods, Dress, Music, Dance, Sports (YouTube, Community Resources, Anthony Bourdain, Middle East & U.S. History U.S. involvement in Middle East since FDR (Blood & Oil, House of Saud, Reading Activities on Afghanistan 1980s, Iran-Iraq War, Iran-Contra, Gulf War, Oslo Accords, Daily Show)

7 Implementing Arab-Islamic Studies
Social Studies/English cont. Class Debates PowerPoint/Prezi & Movie Maker presentations Stations Activities Book Reviews (followed by class presentations and guest speakers), Arab-American National Museum Field Trip

8 Examples Video Examples: Aladdin Stereotypes in Media Activity Examples: Iran (Helpful after studying Iran Hostage Crisis) Doing Business in Afghanistan (Economics & English: Has been adapted to a PowerPoint Group Project) Persian Gulf Arab-Israeli Conflict Solutions Arab-Israeli Conflict History Project Examples: Reagan & Afghanistan Pan-Arabism PowerPoint Turkey Prezi Turkey & Saudi Arabia Debate Palestine & Israel Video Tourism

9 Curricular Resources Lesson Plans & Units
Center for Middle Eastern & North African Studies (CMENAS) Teaching the Middle East Media Construction of the Middle East Choices Program Resources Professional Development, Conferences, Workshops Eraqi Website Teaching Middle East/Arab/Islamic Studies in U.S. History, Global & Modern Middle East

10 Additional Resources Teach Middle East Dr. Allen Webb
Teaching About the Middle East: A Teacher’s Resource Guide Abigail S. Chill Media Education Foundation

11 Other Informational Books
Teaching Literature of Today’s Middle East Dr. Allen Webb, Western Michigan University Islam: Faith and People Eraqi H. Eraqi Class Speakers or Community Involvement Arab-American National Museum

12 Literature Dr. Allen Webb Western Michigan University Website
om/ Women in Islam Diversity War in the Middle East Palestinian & Israel Conflict Organized by grade level Sensitive use with books such as Kite Runner

13 Videos Stereotypes: Arab-Israeli Conflict: Middle East in General:
Reel Bad Arabs Peace, Propaganda and the Promise Land Arab-Israeli Conflict: Promises Arna’s Children Paradise Now Middle East in General: Blood & Oil PBS & History Channel

14 Any Questions? Monica M. Eraqi

15 Thank You!

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