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NATURAL RESOURCES An Information Report. What does it all mean?

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1 NATURAL RESOURCES An Information Report

2 What does it all mean?

3 Natural resources are those elements of the environment that are considered valuable to humans. Introduction/Definition

4 Examples of Natural Resources… Air, wind and atmosphere Plants Animals Fossil Fuels (e.g. coal and oil) and mineral resources Forestry Range and pasture Soil Water, (e.g. oceans, lakes, groundwater and rivers) Sun

5 How are Natural Resources Classified? Origin: Where they come from? Biotic resources are obtained from the biosphere, such as forests and their products, animals, birds and their products, fish and other marine organisms, coal and petroleum. Abiotic resources include non-living things such as land, water, air and ores such as gold, iron, copper, silver.

6 Can Natural Resources be renewed or are they non-renewable? Renewable resources are ones that can be replenished or reproduced easily. List of some of the renewable resources include sunlight, air, and wind, are continuously available and not affected by human consumption. Many renewable resources can be depleted, but may also be replenished, like agricultural crops, take a short time for renewal; others, like water, take a comparatively longer time, while still others, like forests, take even longer.

7 Non-renewable resources are formed over very long geological periods. These resources take extensive geological time to form, and are therefore essentially FINITE. For example, oil and natural gas are fossil fuels, which constitute an essential energy source of developed countries.

8 “A method of harvesting or using a natural resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged.” What about that word “sustainability”?

9 What would all of that look like in an INFORMATION REPORT?

10 TITLE INTRODUCTION (A General Statement) SERIES OF PARAGRAPHS Each paragraph describes a feature and includes technical language. CONCLUDING PARAGRAPH It summarizes the report.

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