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Farmers and Populism Ms. Eraqi.

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1 Farmers and Populism Ms. Eraqi

2 The Homestead Act of 1862 The Homestead Act gave public lands (lands owned by the national government) to American citizens.

3 The Homestead Act of 1862 Any person who was the head of a family or was at least 21 years old could become the owner of a homestead. Married couples were entitled to two shares, or 320 acres.

4 Effects of Homestead Act
Helped poor families who could not afford land in the eastern states. It gave unemployed workers a chance to find work on land of their own. Thousands of African- Americans moved west in 1879 in an effort to find a better life.

5 Problems The more farmers produced, the lower prices went.
Farmers quickly went into debt. Farmers buy more land to grow more crops to pay off debts 1870s, debtors push government to put more money in circulation

6 Problems cont. Railroads
Lack of competition lets railroads overcharge to transport farmers goods Farms mortgaged to buy supplies; suppliers charge high interest

7 Populist Party Formed by farmers and labor unions.
Wanted to increase money supply and federal loans Wanted help with falling farm prices and regulation of railroad rates An 8 hour work day Democratic Party eventually adopts platform

8 The Panic of 1893 Railroads expand faster than markets; some go bankrupt Government’s gold supply depleted, leads to rush on banks businesses, banks collapse panic becomes depression

9 Silver or Gold Republicans Northeast business owners, bankers
Democrats: Southern, Western farmers, laborers Silverites: bimetalism (silver and gold) would create more money, stimulate economy Republicans Northeast business owners, bankers Gold bugs: gold only would create more stable, if expensive currency

10 Election of 1896 William Jennings Bryan Bimetallism Populist
Democrat Bimetallism Populist Cross of Gold Speech You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns; you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold!

11 Election of 1896 William McKinley Leaves a Legacy Republican
Gold Standard Leaves a Legacy the powerless can organize, have political impact agenda of reforms enacted in 20th century

12 Wizard of Oz Written by Frank Baum From a rich east coast family
Spent time in West Saw struggles of farmers Theories that Baum wrote the book based off the Populist struggle

13 Wizard of Oz Tornado  ? Dorothy  ? Wicked Witch of the East  ?
Tin Woodsman  ? Scarecrow  ? Cowardly Lion  ? Yellow Brick Road  ? Silver Slippers  ? Emerald City  ? Oz  ? The Wizard  ? Munchkins  ? Wicked Witch of the West  ? Flying Monkeys  ? Panic of 1983 Average person Eastern Banks Industrial Worker Farmer William Jennings Bryan Gold Silver Washington D.C. Ounces President Easterners Drought of the Great Plains Native Americans

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