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World War I.

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1 World War I

2 Caused by tension in Europe
4 Main Causes

3 Cause #1: Militarism- development of armed forces (stronger land army, naval race…)

4 Cause # 2: Alliance System- treaties signed to assist and support

5 Cause # 3: Imperialism- Global competition led to conflict

6 Cause # 4: Nationalism- belief that national interests and unity should come first

7 Nationalism weakened eastern Europe (controlled by Austria-Hungary, Russia, and the Ottoman empire)

8 Nationalist groups wanted independence

9 Tension was especially high in the Balkans
As countries gained independence there was constant fighting over borders

10 Area became known as the “powder keg of Europe”

11 Austria-Hungary and Russia took advantage of tensions to increase their control in these areas

12 Austria added Bosnia to its empire, which angered Serbia because many Serbs lived there

13 The actual war began when a man linked to a Serbian terrorist group assassinated the archduke of Austria while he visited (today) Bosnia

14 The War: The war lasted for 4 years and was fought between two major alliances

15 Allies – U.S., Britain, France, Russia, Belgium, Serbia, Greece, Romania, Montenegro, Portugal, Italy, and Japan

16 Central Powers – Austria-Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria, and Turkey (Ottoman Empire)

17 The US joins in 1917 after the Germans announce they will resume using U-Boat warfare and the Zimmerman note is revealed.

18 War comes to an end when Germany asks for an armistice (peace agreement) in 1918

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