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Saudi Kings House of Saud.

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1 Saudi Kings House of Saud

2 The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
Founded in 1932 Abdul Aziz ibn Saud (aka Ibn Saud) Government: Absolute Monarchy 7,000 Princes 200 Princes with the most power in the form on government offices, such as ministries The Ulema Religious Leaders & Jurists Share some powers in government

3 King Abdullah bin Abdul al-Saud
Current King of the KSA 6th King of the country Came to power in when older brother died.

4 Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud
Was the Former Crown Prince Died, October, 2011 New Crown Prince is HRH Prince Nayef Line of Succession very different from most countries Makes it difficult in future.

5 Sons of Abdul Aziz ibn Sa'ud
Bandar bin Abdul Aziz (1923-) Musa'id bin Abdul Aziz (1923-) Mishaal bin Abdul Aziz (1926-) Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz (1926-) Abd al-Rahman bin Abdul Aziz (1931-) Mutaib bin Abdul Aziz (1931-) Talal bin Abdul Aziz (1931-) Badr bin Abdul Aziz (1933- Nawwaf bin Abdul Aziz (1933-) Turki bin Abdul Aziz (1934-) . Abdulilah bin Abdul Aziz (1935-) Salman bin Abdul Aziz (1936-) Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz (1940-) Mamdouh bin Abdul Aziz (1940-) Sattam bin Abdul Aziz (1943-) Muqran bin Abdul Aziz (1945-)

6 Grandsons of Abdul Aziz ibn Sa'ud
Muhammed bin Saud (1934-) Abdallah al-Khalid(1935-) Mohammed al Faisal (1937-) Khalid al Faisal (1941-) Saud al Faisal (1941-) Mutaib bin Abdullah (1943-) Faisal bin Bandar (1943-) Turki al Faisal (1945-) Saud bin Abdul Mohsin (1947-) Khalid bin Sultan (1949-) Mohammed bin Fahd (1950-) Bandar bin Sultan (1950-) Mohammed bin Nawwaf (1953-) Al-Walid ibn Talal (1955-) Saud bin Nayef (1956-) Sultan bin Salman (1956-) Mohammed bin Nayef (1959- Faisal bin Salman (1960-) Abdulaziz bin Fahd (1973-)

7 Democracy in KSA? KSA has only had an absolute monarchy
Most citizens although very educated have never voted Political Parties not legal until 2005 Makes democracy very difficult

8 Economics Young Population 25% of World Oil Reserves
46% under age 14 Jobs are an increasing issue Large gap between rich and poor 25% of World Oil Reserves Largest Exporter of Petroleum 90% of KSA reserves exported Most businesses are government owned Trying to privatize Other industries Religious items, chemicals, polymers, fertilizers, construction

9 Economics cont. Riyadh – Capital (Left) Jeddah – (Above)

10 Economics Cont. Design of King Abdullah Economic City
Projected to create 1.5 million new jobs

11 Economics cont.

12 Human Rights Punishments Public Executions Beheadings Stoning Flogging
Fire Squads 345 executions between

13 Human Rights Women Women Cannot Drive
Read “The Movement for Social Reform in Saudi Arabia” Men first voted in 2005 Only time anyone in KSA has voted Women to vote in elections for 1st time Municipal Elections Half of municipals (finance, health, education, agriculture) are princes, other half elected. Women Cannot Drive Many still do in rural areas Are allowed to fly planes Cannot Travel without male guardian Need written permission from male relative to travel outside the country

14 Human Rights cont. Minorities
Foreigners are allowed to travel, live and work in Saudi Arabia Not allowed to practice religion openly Holy sites are off limits to “non-Muslims” Not allowed to be buried inside Saudi soil

15 Muttawa (Religious Police)
Enforce religious rules in public places Approx: 3,500 plus thousands of volunteers In many cases this means: Order/remind women to keep heads covered Ban single men from entering malls on weekends to allow women to shop Force men to evacuate shops to go to the mosque and pray Inform non-Muslims to stop shopping until prayer times are over. HOWEVER, many conservative Saudis favor these laws as a way of preserving traditional values.


17 Saudi Arabia & USA Military
Small population = small military = make difference up with big guns $25-40 Billion Annually, most purchased from USA Largest purchaser of U.S. weapons Also receives US weapons and defense training in KSA and abroad in exchange for military bases and unrestricted oil trade Military has been used to defend against Saddam Hussein, Israeli threats, and terrorism Congress agreed to sell $60 Billion in arms in 2010 – largest arms sale in US history

18 Saudi Arabia & USA Every president since FDR has recommitted US ties to Saudi Arabia Relations important Economically Politically Militarily

19 Strong Connection to USA

20 Reform in KSA? Will Women Vote? Opposition to Royal Family
Claim is 2015 2005 King appointed first female ministers Opposition to Royal Family Political parties (liberal, Sunni Islamic, Shia & Hejaz tribes) Protesting is strictly forbidden Spurred by Arab revolutions in other Arab countries

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