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Student Objective Warm Up

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1 Student Objective Warm Up
To explain how energy transformations produce electricity To examine the energy source use in the United States Warm Up When a toaster is working it is transforming what energy into what energy?

2 BIG Question Here are two electrical energy devices
- Energy Transformations and Conservation BIG Question Here are two electrical energy devices transforming energy. But where do these devices get the electrical energy? (Discuss)

3 Electrical Energy - Unique
Electrical energy is unique from the other energy sources because it is a secondary source of energy. That means it must be “produced” or generated by another energy source. On the next slide you will begin a web exploration to answer these questions: What are the other energy sources? What energy sources are used to generate electricity?

4 Energy Sources Web Exploration
First let’s watch a BrainPOP on energy sources. Using the web-link below complete the “Energy Sources Exploration” 3. Finish worksheet using textbook pgs Energy Exploration Worksheet goes with this activity.

5 AFTER you are finished ALL of the Energy Sources Exploration worksheet, check your answers on the next TWO slides.

6 a. Renewable - they are replenished in a short time.
Energy Sources 1. What are the nine energy sources used in the United States? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. What are the two main categories of energy sources? Explain each. ____________________________________________________ 3. What makes electricity different from other sources of energy? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. What two sources are used the most in the United States? _________________________________________________________ 6. What category of fuel are these two sources in? _________________________________________________________ 7. What type of energy source are these 2 sources? ________________ Biomass, hydropower, geothermal, wind, solar, petroleum (oil), natural gas, coal, & uranium (nuclear) a. Renewable - they are replenished in a short time. a. Nonrenewable - supplies are limited It is a secondary source of energy, it must be generated from other energy sources. coal & natural gas Fossil fuels Nonrenewable GO ON

7 Fossil Fuels – coal, petroleum (oil), & natural gas
Scan pages in textbook and answer these two questions: Where did the energy in fossil fuels come from? How is the energy in fossil fuels released? A fossil fuel’s energy comes from the sun and is stored in the plants & animals that converted the sun’s energy into chemical energy. A fossil fuel’s chemical energy is released when it is burned.

8 Energy Sources Web Exploration
Look at these pie charts of the energy sources in the United States for 2007 & 2011 & compare with the graphic on your worksheet. How have our energy sources changed?


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