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China: from dynasties to communism

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1 China: from dynasties to communism

2 Dynasties China had been ruled by dynasties (ruling families) for thousands of years The Last Chinese Dynasty, the QING dynasty ended in 1911.

3 Why the Qing Dynasty Fell
People were unhappy with the ruling family & money spent by them Govt. corruption Foreign influence Last emperor took the throne at the age of 2

4 Birth of a Republic The Qing collapsed when the people rebelled
The rebel group wanted China to become more modern and adopt a constitution YUAN- was a Qing army general who did NOT fight against the rebels Becomes the 1st President of the Republic of China

5 YUAN After becoming President, he dismisses the National Assembly Makes himself “President for Life” and his sons his predecessors Dies in 1916

6 1916-1928 China not united Ruled by different warlords
In 1921 the CCP is founded (Chinese Communist Party)

7 China is reunified under the Nationalist Party
China is reunified under the Nationalist Party Led by Chiang Kai Sheik (Jiang Jieshi) Very ANTI-Communist

8 ANTI-Communist Movements
(Of the Nationalists in China) “White Terror” Green Gang was given the job to “eliminate” communists Many communists flee to the countryside (and spread communism there) “5 campaigns of annihilation & extermination”

9 WWII Begins 7/7/1937- Japan invades China
(In Asia) 7/7/1937- Japan invades China Chiang Kai Sheik (CKS) is not ready for this- too busy trying to eliminate communists

10 WWII The Chinese people are being slaughtered by the Japanese
Massacre/Rape of Nanjing 13 year olds are drafted Troops lack food and supplies Meanwhile, CKS is living in a big house, while Mao ZeDong (Communist leader) is living in a cave

11 AFTER WWII 1945-1949: Bloody Civil War in China
Nationalists (CKS) vs. Communists (Mao) 1949- CHINA BECOMES COMMUNIST Mao ZeDong= leader CKS & Nationalists flee to Taiwan Chairman Mao

12 China UNDER MAO Not really great- even Mao admits this
Great Leap Forward Not really great- even Mao admits this Why didn’t ppl protest if times were so tough b/c they were restricted to communes (& not allowed to leave) Many thought they were the only ones enduring the “bitter” years (not true) Failed b/c of poor products & lack of incentive

13 China UNDER MAO Cultural Revolution Launched by Mao to remind youth what their country was about Ppl taught to LOVE communism Mao’s Little Red Book- read by students in schools, workers etc… Everyone must have a copy on them at all times! Old customs, ideas, habits were to be destroyed

14 China UNDER MAO Students became “Red Guards”
Cultural Revolution continued Students became “Red Guards” Accused people of being anti-Mao Parents, teachers, intellectuals, wealthy At peak, CR= lots of violence Students not in school Factories not producing (reading Mao)

15 China UNDER MAO China is very sheltered at this time Mao dies in 1976
Cultural Revolution continued China is very sheltered at this time Radio, newspapers all pro-Mao propaganda Mao dies in 1976 This marks the end of the Cultural Revolution **After Mao- Deng Xiaoping

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