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SmartBoard Care and Feeding Thursday, March 13, 2014.

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2 SmartBoard Care and Feeding Thursday, March 13, 2014

3 The Stuff in the Box: Software Markers Styli Directions Extra eraser pad

4 Install Software Once per computer Smart notebook software is free May be installed anywhere

5 Plug Everything in SmartBoard to serial port and mouse port Doo-hicky to mouse port and the SmartBoard serial port connector Mouse to doo-hicky? Computer to projector Desktop: monitor to computer

6 Get It to Work Turn stuff on Laptop: use fn-F3 keys to get image on SmartBoard Orient SmartBoard

7 SMART notebook>tools>smart board>orient board>standard? Quick orient Click SmartBoard driver, orient board Tap points in order

8 Three Uses 1.Demo/ teach/ annotate software 2.Presentations 3.SMART notebook- meeting notes

9 Demo/ Teach Mode Mouse & right click button Use "markers" to annotate Marker styli and eraser

10 Demo/ Teach Mode Onscreen keyboard: –Note CAPS and num buttons –Reduce size of keyboard by hiding num pad –Type –Write or print (commit, edit)

11 Presentation Mode Special PowerPoint features: –Floating menu –Drag right, left –Annotate

12 Meeting Notes Mode SMART notebook software Alternative to white board or chalkboard for meetings Note quick text recognition button Free software- install at will Note tutorial

13 Meeting Notes Mode Screen capture Note: drag objects to thumbnails Print capture: prints doc to smart notebook Tips: –Tools >options >turn off guide boxes –Tools >options >group text together

14 Moving the SmartBoard Disconnect cable Lower height to lowest setting-(its a 2 person job) Retract no-tip feet Roll using 2 people? No kids?

15 When Located Extend no-tip feet Lock casters? Adjust height? (2 person job) Connect cable Position computer & projector Turn it all on Orient board

16 No-tip Feet

17 Adjusting Height – 1 Person Not Recommended

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