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1 Israel

2 Post WWII In 1947 the United Nations proposed dividing Palestine into an Arab nation and a Jewish nation.

3 In 1948 the nation of Israel was established.

4 Most nations who fought against Germany in WWII supported this so Jews would be safe from persecution.

5 Increased Tensions This caused neighboring Arab countries to attack Israel. Several wars followed.

6 In these wars Israel took control of a lot of the land that had been set aside for Palestinians.

7 During the 1950’s, a nationalist movement began to grow among the Arab people.
They wanted to rid their land of western influence.

8 The Soviet Union (communist) offered support for this nationalist movement.

9 Because the US feared the spread of communism, they began to aid Israel.

10 In the late1960’s the PLO is formed
In the late1960’s the PLO is formed. (Palestinian Liberation Organization)

11 The Palestinians are a nation of people without a country
Yasser Arafat Heads the PLO The Palestinians are a nation of people without a country

12 In 1967, the 6 day war occurs. At the end of this war, Israeli troops occupied the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

13 These areas were home to millions of Palestinians.

14 This occupation increased tensions between Arabs and Jews.

15 Israel said they would only return this land if they were recognized as a nation.

16 1973- Yom Kippur War- Egypt & Syria attacked Israel.

17 The United States provided large amounts of military equipment to Israel.

18 In 1978, Egypt, Israel, and the United States signed the Camp David Accords.

19 Egypt recognized Israel’s right to exist as a nation.

20 In exchange, Israel returned captured land to Egypt.

21 The US promised large amounts of military and economic aid to these countries.

22 In 1979 Egypt and Israel signed a peace treaty.

23 Most Arab leaders opposed this treaty and the Camp David Accords.

24 Palestinian Protest In 1987, Palestinians staged the first intifada. This included many types of demonstrations and protests.

25 Peace Agreement In 1993 the PLO agreed to recognize Israel as a nation.

26 Israel agreed to recognize the PLO as a representative of the Palestinian people and promised to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

27 More Violence Peace talks continued until 2000, when Palestinians started a second intifada including militia attacks and suicide bombings.

28 In 2002 Israel re-took most of the West Bank and began to build a barrier along the border.


30 Peace talks resumed in 2003 but violence continues.

31 TODAY…..


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