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Kennedy World Language

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1 Kennedy World Language
Action Research Team

2 Plan – Do – Study – Act Cycle
PDSA Cycle guides the continuous improvement process for the action research team.

3 World Language – Goal #1 Eighty-five percent of students will show proficiency in the target language.

4 Plan: Define the System
Although world languages are not a part of ITED, a check system is needed to maintain student success and promote teacher improvement.

5 Plan: Define the System
Most universities and colleges require C- or above in order to give credit for high school world language classes. Measurable outcomes are needed for reporting purposes.

6 Plan: Define the System
Although world languages are not specifically addressed in No Child Left Behind, its intent is to ensure that all children have an opportunity to reach proficiency in all academic areas. No Child Left Behind requires regular student assessment. Currently, world languages have end of term exams which are not uniform.

7 Plan: Assess Current Situation
The results of the final exam were not consistent with the students’ class performance. Data is needed throughout the year to provide timely information on how students perform.

8 Plan: Assess Current Situation

9 Do: Try Out Improvement Theory
Administer department-wide chapter tests that address spelling and word meaning of identified vocabulary.

10 World Language Goal #2 Implement World Language Week

11 Plan – Define the System
World Language Week was implemented for the first time during

12 Plan – Assess Current Situation
First year students research countries’ flags, decorate the flags. Second year students label nouns in the target languages throughout the building. Third year students develop cultural trivia questions for school trivia contest.

13 Plan – Assess Current Situation
Third year students hang flags in world language wings, central hallway and foyer.

14 Plan – Assess Current Situation
Third year students clean paint from all decorated windows at the end of the week.

15 Plan – Assess Current Situation
Fourth year students develop cultural themes to use in decorating windows throughout the school.

16 World Language Goal #3 Fifty percent of students enrolled in level one world language at midterm of the second term will complete level three world language.

17 Plan – Define the System
World language study becomes more important each year. Regents requirements. No records currently kept by World Language of how many students drop between Levels 1 & 3.

18 Plan – Assess Current Situation
Sixty-two percent of the level 1 students of the class of 2008 have remained in world language through level 3.

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