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March 18 th, 2008 Data Systems – Data Warehouse. Data-Driven Decisions.

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1 March 18 th, 2008 Data Systems – Data Warehouse

2 Data-Driven Decisions

3 Data Warehouse

4 Current Data Systems


6 Mapping the Data

7 Considerations… We are joined at the hip with GWAEA on many of our data systems We are currently using legacy software that has been customized for business/finance/human resources Current systems are running on the mainframe which is outdated Need to automate to web based systems which provide self-service Data warehouse- our future vision

8 Data Warehouse

9 Thus far, we have been completed the following activities: Reviewed present operational systems Compiled functional requirements Compiled general requirements (such as training and customization) Captured transaction volumes (such as number of accounts and vendors) Assessed the feasibility of Sunguard Bi-Tech IFAS software as a viable optimal solution Developed findings, conclusions, and recommendations for review

10 Process & Findings of Review… John Walter- RSM McGladrey

11 Next Steps March 25 th Demonstration of software 8:00am GWAEA Product demonstration Stakeholder/User input Evaluation of software Questions/Comments about product

12 Evaluation/Feedback

13 We would like to request that all participants attend the Introduction and Overview session 8:00 AM 9:00 AM Introductions and Overview Navigation, Report Generation, Workflow and Document Imaging 9:00 AM - 9:10 AM Break 9:10 AM - 10:50 AM Financial Modules General Ledger and Project Accounting Financial Reports Grants Budgets 10:50 AM 11:00 AM Break

14 11:00 AM 11:40 AM Accounts Receivable Revenue Collection E12 11:40 AM 12:10 PM Lunch 12:10 PM 1:10 PM Accounts Payable Fixed Assets Student Activities 1:10 PM 1:20 PM Break

15 1:20 PM - 3:20 PM Human Res. & Payroll Overview Applicant Online (Self-service) Employee Demographics, Employee Tracking Payroll Set Up 3:20 PM - 3:30 PM Break

16 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM Benefits, Pay and Employee Deductions & Contributions Timecard Online (Employee self-service) Payroll Process Employee Online (Employee self-service)

17 Questions/Comments? Need to know who will be attending the demonstration on March 25th

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