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Data Folder.

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1 Data Folder

2 The Continuous Improvement Classroom
Ground rules created by students Classroom mission statements Classroom & student measurable goals Quality tools and PDSA used regularly The Continuous Improvement Classroom Classroom data centers Classroom meetings facilitated by students Student-led conferences Student data folders

3 Data Folder Evidence of student achievement
Aligned with class/curricular goals Student focus: 1) What is my goal? 2) What is my action plan? 3) When will I monitor my progress? 4) What tool will I use?

4 Data Folders Contents Information Mission Ground Rules Learning Goals
Student & parent Mission Ground Rules Learning Goals Charts Graphs



7 Data Folders Empower Students
Graphical representation of individual goal achievement Build responsibility for own learning Foster a sense of accomplishment & motivation Create self-efficacy As Rick Stiggins states: “The PRIME motivator for self monitoring is to build success and confidence.”

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