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The Continuous Improvement Classroom Day 3 10-23-06.

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1 The Continuous Improvement Classroom Day 3 10-23-06

2 Who are the Customers? Revisiting the reason why we are here!

3 Agenda Responding to feedback from last session Class meetings Quality Tools

4 Workshop Feedback Time How do I fit all of this into my day? – time management –Theres so much to do, when do we find time? Takes up a lot of instructional time. –I really like the philosophy behind the continuous improvement classroom but I struggle w/ the lack of time in our day to plan lessons, prepare activities for each day, deal w/ behaviors & fit in assessments/data. Our plates are overflowing but our time does not increase. –I still struggle w/ the time to do all this – kindergarten students need assistance filling in data folders. It takes time to make graphs, print out & display in data center. We do not have the extra time to do this!!

5 Its overwhelming –Its overwhelming @ times – so many other BIG rocks @ school Is this best for kids? How do specials people bring student data folders? Redundancy –A lot of the information was the same as the time before & when Jay presented at Jackson last year –The principal has does a great job of teaching this so it was all repetitive –Repeat for liaisons & summer classes –A lot of repeated info

6 Table Discussion What will you do differently to make the paradigm shift? How will you integrate continuous improvement so it isnt another add-on? Can continuous improvement practices replace less effective practices?

7 The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands, but in seeing with new eyes! -Marcel Proust

8 Share & Discuss Data Folders & Data Centers –How are they used in your classroom –How have students responded to them? –What is the impact student learning?

9 Learning From Dramatically Improved Schools!

10 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 91–9292–9393–9494–9595–9696–9797–9898–9999–00 Reading Test Scores - Brazosport ISD African American All Students Hispanic White Economically Disadvantaged 98% 96.6% 93.9% 93.8% 92.3% 82% 70% 64% 60% 50%

11 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 91–9292–9393–9494–9595–9696–9797–9898–9999–00 Writing Test Scores - Brazosport ISD African American 80% 70% 60% 59% 57% 98% 96.7% 95.6% 94.1% 93.2% Economically Disadvantaged Hispanic White All Students

12 Math - Aldine ISD 93–9494–9595–9696–9797–9898–9999–00 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% African American Whit e 56.2% 49.4% 47.2% 42.2% 55.0% 93.5% 90.9% 89.1% 88.1% 84. 4% Economically Disadvantaged Hispanic All Students

13 What The Successes Have in Common A total systems framework Aligned processes Data-driven decisions Strong leadership A customer focus

14 Why Quality and Continuous Improvement? Answer: Its Research Based! Answer: Its Research Based!

15 When school districts apply the principles and techniques of continuous improvement over time, positive and lasting changes in all parts of the system (including student learning) are dramatic.

16 The Continuous Improvement Classroom Class Meetings & Quality Work & Feedback

17 Ground rules created by students Classroom mission statements Classroom and student measurable goals Quality tools and PDSA used regularly The Continuous Improvement Classroom Classroom data centers Classroom meetings facilitated by students Student-led conferences Student data folders

18 What Are Class Meetings? -What happens in a class meeting? -Whats the purpose?

19 What Are Class Meetings? Led and facilitated by students (rotation) Use customer input tools to guide discussions (plus/delta, quality quadrant, etc.) Issues and concerns are discussed by students (focus on problem solving- RX) Praise and Kudos are given to recognize progress toward mission and class goals (refer to the Classroom Data Center)

20 Practices For Class Meetings Stay focused on progress toward class mission and goals –Use the classroom data center as the key information resource for the classroom Keep a positive focus on continuous improvement Use meetings to involve the students and allow them to take ownership of the classroom

21 Class Meetings Information Packet




25 Other Customer Feedback Tools!

26 Video: Quality Quadrant

27 Table Time! Planning for classroom feedback What approach, process or tools will you use to seek feedback and input from your customers? –Students –Parents –Who else?

28 Quality Work!

29 Class Meetings Building Community in the Classroom

30 Class meetings usually serve one or more of the following purposes: To plan and make decisions, to check in To solve problems or raise awareness

31 Classroom meetings become a classroom management tool …one that helps students actively contribute to their academic and social learning.

32 Why Have Class Meetings? Students involved in decision-making Forum to voice and directly effect how students want their class to be Creates a climate of trust and respect between students and teachers Builds self esteem by having students involved in decisions that affect their world

33 Kids develop a sense of responsibility for their actions Enhances speaking, listening, leadership skills A forum for students to support each other Students takes charge of their own learning

34 What is an Effective Class Meeting? Teacher shares the control with students by letting them help set the agenda Focus is always on school, not home Students do most of the talking (teacher as facilitator) Students learn to listen to and respect each others ideas

35 Ways to Begin Meetings Explain purpose of the meetings Talk about students hopes for the meeting Record student ideas Introduce vocabulary or concepts Remind students of earlier meeting results or topics Read a related story- connect to curriculum if possible

36 Ways to End Meetings Reflect on the meeting – process, results, learnings Ask for volunteers to create a document about what you did Establish a timeline for completing activities Celebrate what you have accomplished Add final observations Preview the next meeting

37 Video: Class MeetingsClass Meetings

38 How Will You Implement Class Meetings? At your table, describe your thoughts about class meetings and what it could look like in your classroom How will you get started? What will be the agenda for your class meetings? How will you use class meetings to: –Review your SMART goals, Mission, Data/Progress, Ground rules, etc…?

39 Journal Writing… What is your plan to implement class meetings? What is your plan to implement class meetings?

40 More on quality tools Lotus Diagram

41 Wrap-Up Journal Writing: –What did I learn? –How will I apply it to my classroom/school? Table reflection…

42 By Next Meeting… Continue building your classroom data centers and student data folders Implement a class meeting and use some quality tools with students Come prepared to share how your class meeting went and an example of using quality tools with students

43 Future Meetings *Monday, January 15th (1/2 day PM) *CANCELED Friday, February 12th (1/2 day PM) *Friday, April 6th (1/2 day PM)

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