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Eye of the Storm Unit 3 Week 4.

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1 Eye of the Storm Unit 3 Week 4

2 Question of the Week – How do weather patterns affect our lives?

3 Genre - Nonfiction Nonfiction gives information about real people and events.

4 Vocabulary Strategy – Word Endings
The ending –s is added to a noun to make it plural or mean more than one The ending –ed is added to a verb to make it past tense or tell about past actions

5 Comprehension Skill- Graphic Sources
Graphic Sources show or explain information in the text. Pictures, maps, charts, time lines, and diagrams are all examples of graphic sources.

6 Comprehension Strategy – Predict
Good readers predict. They think about what will happen next.

7 Vocabulary Destruction Expected Forecasts Inland Shatter Surge

8 Destruction Great damage or ruin

9 Shatter To break into pieces suddenly; smash

10 Inland Away from the coast

11 A sweep or rush, especially of waves
Surge A sweep or rush, especially of waves

12 Expected Decided; To think something would probably come or happen

13 Forecasts Predictions; Guesses about the future

14 During which months does Warren Faidley chase tornadoes?
July, August, September April, May, June

15 What is the first thing Warren does to photograph a hurricane?
He finds a safe place that will be able to withstand high winds He looks at satellite pictures and listens to weather forecasts

16 Warren’s hurricane photos differ from his photos of other storms because the hurricane photos --
Were more expensive to shoot Show things as they are being destroyed

17 Which is a main idea from our story?
A few tropical storms turn into hurricanes. Storms are caused by certain weather patterns.

18 What causes the most damage during a hurricane?
Rain Winds Lightning

19 The author probably wrote this story to --
Explain how to prepare for a hurricane Tell how storms are photographed

20 The storm chasers thought that Hurricane Andrew had changed direction because -
The reports on the radio said it had turned It took longer than expected to reach land They realized they had misread the satellite pictures

21 Which is a generalization based on our story?
Tropical storms form off the west coast of Africa It is dangerous to take pictures of storms

22 The main purpose of the calendar on page 344 was to show --
What months of the year Warren is off work When Warren is able to photograph each type of storm When and where Warren travels to photograph dangerous storms

23 Why were Warren’s bags full of exposed film when he headed home?
He had taken a lot of pictures during and after Hurricane Andrew.

24 Why was Warren tired when he returned to his motel after photographing Hurricane Andrew?
He had been up all night waiting for the hurricane, and he had to use a lot of energy working against the strong winds of a hurricane.

25 After Hurricane Andrew hit, Warren saw an open photo album
After Hurricane Andrew hit, Warren saw an open photo album. What conclusion did Warren probably draw? Since the photo album was on the ground, the house it had been in was probably destroyed.

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