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My Sidewalks Second Grade

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1 My Sidewalks Second Grade
Unit 1 Week 3 Day 1

2 Pot Top Not Hop Doll rock log
Listen as I blend the sounds for l, o, g. What is the word? Log What is the word? Pot Top Not Hop Doll rock

3 Short o Cat hat You can already read words like these. What are the words? What is the vowel sound in cat? In hat? Now let’s look at another vowel sound. This is an octopus. What sound do you hear at the beginning of octopus? Say it with me /o/. In octopus, the first letter o stands for the sound /o/.

4 H o t Got Rob Cot Bob Sock Dock Mom Box Job Mop Nod lock
The letter o stands for /o/. This is how I blend this word: /h/ /o/ /t/, hot. Now you try: /h/ /o/ /t/. Mom Box Job Mop Nod lock Got Rob Cot Bob Sock Dock

5 High Frequency Words Answer Different Ever learn
Here are some words that we won’t sound out. We’ll spell them. This word is answer: a, n, s, w, e, r : answer . What is this word? What are the letters in this word? Now you write answer. Let’s look at the sounds in afraid that you do know. What is this letter? Ans Now let’s blend the letters together. Tell me a sentence using answer. Continue with other words

6 Oral Vocabulary Galaxy Tranquil wildlife
Galaxy: A galaxy is a very large group of stars. You need a spaceship to travel across a galaxy. Would it better to study a galaxy during the day or at a night? Why? Tranquil: The nights are tranquil. Tranquil means calm, peaceful, and quiet. Places can be tranquil and so can people. I am tranquil when I sit on a log in the woods. I am tranquil when I see a beautiful sunset. What makes you tranquil. Wildlife: The campers hope to see deer and other kinds of wildlife. Wild animals and plants are wildlife. There are many kinds of wildlife. Fish, squirrels, lions, bushes, and trees are all examples of wildlife. Animals that are wildlife are not tame animals, like pets. You see wildlife in the woods or at the zoo. Write each word in a sentence.

7 Out in the Woods pp. 54-57 Before Reading During Reading After Reading
pp Where are the children on p. 54? What are they doing? Yes, when you go camping, you burn logs to make a campfire. You can cook food over a campfire. What do you see in the top picture on p. 55? Yes, big and little ducks are kinds of wildlife you can see at a pond in the woods. Frogs and fish live in ponds. What else might the children see at the pond? pp What animals do you see in the pictures? Yes, bugs and foxes can make their homes in logs. When do you think the picture on p. 57 was taken? Yes, it was taken at night because it shows stars. It is easier to see stars at night in the woods away from city lights. Let’s read to find out more about what is in the woods. During Reading As we read, ask yourself: What did I learn about the woods? What is this mainly about? The author says “Lots of frogs, fish, and ducks swim in this pond.” I think this page is mainly about animals that live in the pond. After Reading What did you learn about the wildlife that live or grow in the woods? What can people see and do when they camp in the woods? Would you feel tranquil watching wildlife near a pond or looking at a galaxy of stars? Why?

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