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High School 101 Authors Chad Foster is the author of two best-selling books/curricula, Teenagers Preparing for the Real World and Financial Literacy for.

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1 High School 101 Authors Chad Foster is the author of two best-selling books/curricula, Teenagers Preparing for the Real World and Financial Literacy for Teens. Chad’s books have been read by more than 750,000 students and his project-based curricula have been used in more than 4,000 middle school and high school classrooms nationwide. Dr. Mike Hall is a former classroom teacher, coach, high school principal, and Deputy Superintendent for the Georgia Department of Education. In 2003, Dr. Hall was recognized by the Blue Ribbon Schools as one of the top 10 high school principals in the nation and his school, Houston County High, was selected as the most advanced school in America for technology integration.

2 Test Taking/Study Skills Choices/Consequences Personal Learning Styles
People Skills Tolerance/Diversity Communication Skills Business Savvy High School Transition and Dropout Prevention Time Management Test Taking/Study Skills Choices/Consequences Technology Literacy Personal Learning Styles Financial Literacy

3 The Fundamental Question Will Our Students Be Prepared….
Or Just Educated?

4 What is Needed?? A strategy that prepares students to succeed in the classroom today and the workplace tomorrow.

5 High School 101 is a rare collaboration between an entrepreneur and an educator.

6 How does High School101 fit into the mix of NCLB?

7 21st Century Skills Career Exploration / Preparation
Public Speaking Listening Skills Questioning Skills Written Communication Reading Comprehension Time Management Skills Study Skills Test Taking Skills Networking Skills People Skills Learning Styles Technology Skills (ICT Literacy) Social Tolerance Personal Responsibility Financial Literacy Critical Thinking Problem Solving Sales Skills Entrepreneurial Literacy Math Skills Collaboration Skills Multi- tasking Business Literacy Social Responsibility Source: ‘Results that Matter – 21st Century Skills and High School Reform’ by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills / March 2006

8 “Without 21st Century Skills, young adults will struggle to make informed life choices, participate effectively in civic life, and compete in the global economy.” Partnership for 21st Century Skills

9 1/3 of the students who enter the 9th grade never finish high school.
Fact: 1/3 of the students who enter the 9th grade never finish high school. Why ?

10 Fact: Most students who dropout, say they are bored and/or do not see the relevance of what is being taught.

11 One of the most effective proven strategies for making students successful in high school is a comprehensive program of transition.

12 Source: The Silent Epidemic
High school dropouts, on average, will earn $1,000,000 less over a lifetime than college graduates. Source: The Silent Epidemic Perspectives of High School Dropouts March 2006

13 What is High School101?

14 High School 101 Project-Based Strategy Based on 21st Century Skills
For Middle School & High School Ten Independent Micro-Units Standard, Block, Exploratory, Modified Schedules Consecutive, Concurrent, One Teacher, Team of Teachers.

15 How is High School 101 being used by schools across the country?
Integration into multiple courses and grade levels within one school Full semester course (rare) 30-minute advisement period Summer programs for 8th graders transitioning to the 9th grade. Freshman Academies Smaller Learning Communities After-School programs

16 (Why do I have to learn this stuff?)
The “Y” Factor (Why do I have to learn this stuff?) Copyright 2007 Chad Foster

17 High School 101 Units In No Specific Order

18 a.k.a. Communication Skills
“Say What?” a.k.a. Communication Skills 13 Days Unit 1

19 Communication Skills “The Keys to Success”
“Chad Foster Live” DVD Student Book Activities / Projects Meet a Stranger Unusual Job Report Pick My Brain Reading Comprehension Test Unit 1

20 Personal Learning Styles
“I Am Who I Am” a.k.a. Personal Learning Styles 6 Days Unit 2

21 The Three Basic Learning Styles Visual Auditory Kinesthetic

22 Visual learners….. like teacher demonstrations
use lists to keep up and organize thoughts remember faces, but forget names are easily distracted by movement or action in the classroom, but are not affected by noise

23 Auditory learners… like the teacher to provide directions
learn by listening like dialogues, plays, discussions remember names but not faces like to talk out problems easily distracted by noise

24 Kinesthetic learners…
do best when they are involved or “active” think best when moving have high energy levels don’t “do” lectures and have problems sitting/reading prefer to do rather than watch

25 What’s Up? (Interview Partner) My Style Activity (Group)
Personal Learning Styles What are the Styles? Understanding Yours….Dealing with Theirs. What’s Up? (Interview Partner) My Style Activity (Group) Cartoon Activity (Gum) Kiersey Day (Foster Results) Dr. Delirious Pick-a-Flick The Skits Unit 2

26 “Get Wired Get Hired” a.k.a. Technology Literacy 12 Days Unit 3

27 Interesting Tech Facts
60% of the skills required by the workforce today are possessed by only 30% of the workers. (Technology skills missing!) 70% of all jobs today require workers to use a computer on a daily basis. There is a significant trend to move the work to the worker instead of the worker to the workplace.

28 Can Our Students Compete

29 Tech Sample Test

30 Day 1 Quiz What is ICT Literacy? What is an ID-10-T error?
What is the proposed coverage for WiMAX or ? is sometimes referred to as the alphabet soup of technology connectivity. Why?

31 Technology Literacy Daily “Test Your Tech Knowledge” Mini-quizzes
Totally Television (990,000,000) 20/20 Vision Project (9th grade science in 20/20) The Montana Mission (Testing NCLB literacy skills) Website Evaluation ( Electronic Portfolio Unit 3

32 2020 Vision


34 “The Two-Way Street” a.k.a. People Skills 9 Days Unit 4

35 People Skills “70% Lose Jobs for One Reason”
Fired or Quit Job What to Do? Founder’s Day Unit 4

36 Choices/Consequences
“Roll the Dice…Pay the Price” a.k.a. Choices/Consequences 6 Days Unit 5

37 Choices/Consequences “Decisions vs. Choices”
Domino Drop (Red Light) In the News Domino Effect (Radio Broadcast – Sticky Fingers) All Ages “My Choice…….My Life” DVD Unit 5

38 Test Taking/Study Skills
“From Boring to Scoring” a.k.a. Test Taking/Study Skills 9 Days Unit 6

39 Tests for a high school student in some states today.
Iowa Test of Basic Skills NAEP ASVAB PSAT SAT ACT End of Course Tests ASSET Exit Exam **This does not include driver’s test, technical certifications, classroom exams,hunter safety, or any other screening type test for employment.**

40 Test Taking/Study Skills
“I Do” Test Brain Capacity TIM Activity Unit 6

41 “Tick-Tock…Tick-Tock”
a.k.a. Time Management 10 Days Unit 7

42 Time Management Organize/ Prioritize/ Schedule
Minute by Minute Schedule Instant Tool (Index Card) Total Time Chart Wasted Time (6 seconds per minute) PSA – TMS Syndrome G.O.W. (“Just Say NO!”) “The Code” Unit 7

43 Wasted Time Activity If you waste 6 seconds out of every minute, how much time do you waste every hour? (6 minutes) Each day? (2.4 hours) In one week? (16.8 hours) In one month? (30) (72 hours) In one year? (876 hours) In a lifetime? (75 years) That would be 7.5 years wasted!!!

44 “Taking Care of Business”
a.k.a. Business Savvy 17 Days Unit 8

45 Business Literacy Part-time Today…. Small Companies Tomorrow
Business Literacy Part-time Today….Small Companies Tomorrow....Entrepreneurs Later C.O.P. (Team Activity) The Nightmare (Individual and Team Solutions) The Company Project (Business Set-Up/Operation Plans) The Company C.O.P (Immediate/Short-term/Long-term) Unit 8

46 “All Walks of Life” a.k.a. Diversity/Tolerance 7 Days Unit 9

47 Tolerance/Diversity Field Trip (learned behavior)
Four Corners (similarities) Up and Down Normalizer Test (not!) What If ? (awareness) Unit 9

48 “It Grows on Trees Right?”
a.k.a. Financial Literacy 12 Days Unit 10

49 Financial Literacy Busted (Needs vs Wants) Future Value
My Personal Stuff – 10 (Renter’s Insurance) Unit 10

50 Will your students be prepared..... or just educated?

51 Contact Information Chad Foster Dr. Mike Hall

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