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Twister On Tuesday By Desiree, Maggie, Luke, Mason, Emma, Dedrick, and Stephanie.

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1 Twister On Tuesday By Desiree, Maggie, Luke, Mason, Emma, Dedrick, and Stephanie

2 Chapter 1 Tuesday A light streamed in Jacks window. Jack had bumped in to Annie. A note from Morgan was still on the floor. Jack and Annie have to find the third wrighing something to learn. Annie said we have to go to pioneer life.

3 Chapter # 2 Signs of life The sky was cloudy. The tree house was leaning and it feel in the prairie. The train came by he looked up train in his book. All the way he needed his book. They saw the wagons they saw the difrant going west. They ran to get a closer look. They saw the rusty pipe.

4 Chapter 3 one-Room school house They saw the schoolhouse. They research about the prairie they learend that there are not a lot of tree. Then thay meet Miss.Neely the teacher. They read about tornodor and twisters they learned that the schoolhouse had a celler.

5 Chapter 4-Reading Lesson Jack and Annie were in the schoolhouse. It was the first day of school. The walls were made of dirt. The floor was made of wood. Miss. Neelys desk was made of a barrel. Miss. Neely told Jack to read Twinkle – Twinkle –Little – Star. Jeb didnt now how to read. Jack told him the anwer. Jeb was very mad. Mrs. Neely said to have lunch.

6 Chapter 5 Bully The air was strangly still. Clouds still hovered from the distance. Will and Kate shared their sweet potatos with Jack and Annie. Jack shared his sweet potatos with jeb. jeb had a very mean look on his face. Jeb had to walk five miles to school.It was raining in the prarie. Mrs.neely told the kids to come back in.

7 Chapter 6 Grasshopper Attack Mrs.Neely says its time for writing lesson. On the slate they put Tis a lesson you should heed, Try Try again. If at first you dont susseed Try Try again. They heard a sound and thot it was a grasshopper attack. It was only a hailstorm. They find something to learn. Jack and Annie said good bye The sky looked wid.

8 Chapter # 7 Twister!!!! The clouds toke place in a odd greenish color. They went in different directions. They thought it was a grasshopper attack. Jack said that it just might just be a hailstorm. They looked up and saw the twister coming. Jack said lets get out of here but Annie said we have to help Mrs. Neely and them because they dont know about the cellar. They ran as fast as they could They banged on the door and yelled as loud as they could but the loud sound of the twister made there voice go low.

9 Chapter 8 Get Below The schoolhouse door blew open. Mrs. Neely and the three kids got against the wall. Jack yelld get in the celler. Jeb closed the celler door and it was totlly dark. Then the twister was coming. The twister sonded like a trian then it got silent.

10 Chapter 9 All Clear Jeb puted open the celler door. The roof tour off of the dugout. Everyone watch the twister became long and thin. The class saw the twister vanished completely. Mrs. Neely said thanks for saving your lives to Jack and Annie. Jack and Annie went tord the treehouse and Jack heard a sound. Jeb shouted out his name because he wanted to know why the cellar was there. Jack pulled out his research book to show him how he knew about the cellar. They became friends. Jack and Annie got in the treehouse. It spun faster and faster.

11 #10 Third Writing Jack and Annie had a third writing. Jack added the poetingm to their collection. Morgan said come back Wenesday.

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