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Welcome to Sparkman 9TH Grade School

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1 Welcome to Sparkman 9TH Grade School
Thursday, April 12, 2012 Freshman Night

2 Presented by Sparkman JROTC
Pledge of Allegiance Presented by Sparkman JROTC

3 Welcome Martin Hester, Principal
Goal of S9GS Retaining Quality Teachers Effective Professional Development Integrate Technology Clean and Safe Facility Educate Students S9GS Facts 70 staff members 45 Certified Employees 18 Bus Drivers Average of 700 students per year Additional courses and extracurricular activities each year Failure rate has decreased significantly since 2006 Introduction of Assistant Principals Mr. Steve Gipson Mr. Keith Schrimsher

4 Sparkman 9th Grade School MISSION STATEMENT
The mission of Sparkman 9th Grade School is to provide an exemplary academic and social learning experience and to help students successfully transition into high school by establishing high standards, maintaining a safe and orderly school climate, and embracing community values.

5 Respect & Responsibility
5 R’s of S9GS Rigor – adherence to rules, procedures and accepting new academic challenges. Respect & Responsibility

6 Rigor Academic Rule for extra-curricular participation increases for grades Semester Exams count 20% of grade – All courses Promotion- minimum of 6 credits required for promotion to the 10th grade. A/B Schedule Grading policy- 60% tests / 40% other Homework-expectation for completion

7 Sample A-B Schedule A - Day B - Day *Pre AP English PE World History
**Computer App. *Every other day- ALL year B - Day *Pre AP Geometry PE World History ** CARE. **Every other day- Semester

8 Respect & Responsibility
5 R’s of S9GS Relevance – pertinent to future Respect & Responsibility

9 Relevance Transference –acquiring skills and abilities and applying them in multiple areas of problem solving. Course Selection – opportunity to have input into selection of courses based upon academic goals and future plans. Elective Courses – choice of courses based upon interests and requirements increases as student progresses through high school.

10 Respect & Responsibility
5 R’s of S9GS Relationship – a personal connection based upon association. Respect & Responsibility

11 Respect & Responsibility
Relationships TAP – Teacher Advisory Program Expanded Extra Curricular offerings –clubs, teams, band, drama, chorus, etc New classmates-opportunities to develop lifelong friendships Respect & Responsibility

12 Attendance Policy If a parent/guardian does not explain in writing within 3 days of a student’s return to school after being absent, that student will be classified as truant for each and every absence. Upon the 1ST unexcused absence, a warning letter will be issued by the Administration. Upon the 5TH unexcused absence, the parent/guardian shall attend a meeting at the Central Office called by the County Attendance Officer. Upon the 7TH unexcused absence, the Attendance Officer will file a truancy petition with Juvenile Court. A student may have a total of 5 parent notes per semester without a doctor’s note.

13 Tardy Violations When a student is tardy to class or school each week, he/she will have a choice of the following consequences: 2ND & 3RD Offense – Choice of Lunch Detention or Corporal Punishment 4TH Offense – One day of AAP 5TH Offense – One day Out of School Suspension ** If he/she violates this policy more than 4 weeks per semester, they will be placed in AAP for 1 day per tardy for the remainder of the semester.

14 Cell Phone/Listening Devices
Cell phones and listening devices are permitted at S9GS with the following stipulations: The device must be turned off in the school building at all times during the day. The device must be turned off on school campus during the instructional day. The device must be turned off while on school buses. Consequences 1ST Offense – Cell Phone will be held by Administration for 24 hours 2ND Offense – Cell Phone will be held by Administration for 48 hours and parents must pick up 3RD Offense and Subsequent Violations – Student is subject to Out of School Suspension ** S9GS is not responsible for “LOST or STOLEN CELL PHONES or LISTENING DEVICES” **

15 Disciplinary Options Community Service Corporal Punishment Lunch Detention AAP Out of School Suspension Disciplinary/Expulsion Hearing – Central Office

16 Important Times Students may arrive at 7:00 Students are late at 7:35 5 minutes between classes Students are released at 2:45 Students must be picked up by 3:30

17 Textbooks Students will be issued textbooks on a class to class basis.
If a student is issued a textbook, he/she is responsible for returning the textbook to the teacher. If a textbook is lost, stolen, or damaged the student will be responsible for making payment for the textbook to S9GS.

18 Counselors Jamel Thomas & Lori Wilkes
Registration April 24 – 26: Sparkman Middle School May 1 – 4: Monrovia Middle School Items to Return Student Registration Form Course Selection Form Four-Year High School Plan AL State Department of Education Employment Survey Health Assessment Record

19 Counselors Jamel Thomas & Lori Wilkes
Schedules August 8, 2012 – first day of school Post Card Update demographic information

20 Closing Remarks Independent Tour
Downstairs – History, English, and Other Elective Classrooms Upstairs – Science, Math, and Other Elective Classrooms 1ST Day for Students – August 8, 2012 Morning drop-off for all students will be at the gym entrance Afternoon pick up: Females at front office (beside flagpole) Males at gym exit (same as morning) All traffic will enter and exit from Fords Chapel Road School Hours: 7:30 – 2:45 Office Hours: 7:00 – 4:00 Summer Hours: Monday – Thursday 7:00 – 5:00 Sparkman 9TH Grade School (256) Principal Martin Hester Website

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