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Your Program Evaluation in WebAdvisor June 20131.

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1 Your Program Evaluation in WebAdvisor June 20131

2 Login to WebAdvisor 1

3 June 20131

4 Web Advisor for Students June 20131

5 Select Program Evaluation June 2013 Select Program Evaluation 1

6 June 20131

7 Select your Catalog Year and SUBMIT Your catalog year is the academic year in which you matriculated… Catalog Students must meet the degree requirements (General Education and major) of the catalog under which they matriculated or may select a later catalog for a year in which they are enrolled. Changing to a later catalog must be officially requested through the Office of the University Registrar. Students have a one ‑ semester grace period to assess the changes in their new requirements during which they may return to their original catalog. After the grace period, the change in catalog year is irreversible... Other than the degree requirements and limitation of credit, students must adhere to the academic requirements, policies, and procedures in place in the current catalog. Such requirements include but are not limited to course prerequisites, minimum grades for transfer work, probation and suspension requirements. Information regarding any changes in degree programs, graduation requirements, or academic policies will be made available by the Office of the University Registrar and the appropriate academic departments. 1

8 June 20131

9 Statuses include Not Started, In Progress, Pending Completion, Complete, and Waived Credit totals and GPA information are tracked in Program Summary June 20131

10 General Education Requirements Courses taken counting for GE are listed June 20131

11 General Education Requirements – Continued Courses counting for GE are listed under the category filled June 20131

12 General Education Requirements - Continued Not started credits required are shown under “Needed” June 2013 1

13 Major Requirements and Electives In Progress courses are listed with credits and gpa needed June 20131

14 The “other courses” section at the end of the evaluation lists any courses or waivers that are on your official record but not used towards a specific requirement. *IP = In Progress, *NE Non-course Equivalency June 20131

15 Student Responsibility It is the responsibility of each graduating student to refer to the degree audit in WebAdvisor to check which requirements have been completed and which requirements still need to be completed. A student may not shift this responsibility to an advisor or to the staff of the Office of the University Registrar

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