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Rock Out with Excel Basics Summer 2007 Janie Hardt

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1 Rock Out with Excel Basics Summer 2007 Janie Hardt

2 Spreadsheet Computer equivalent of a paper ledger sheet Allows manipulation of data and number calculation Data entered Numbers Formulas Text

3 Components Rows- horizontal lines Columns- vertical lines Grid rectangles are cells Sheets



6 Highlight multiple cells or single cell Fill cell contents into cells below or to the right Drag contents of cell to any other cell Place the cursor into the Formula bar to edit an equation or function Cursor Styles

7 Movement Enter- Down Tab- Right Shift Enter- Up Shift Tab- Left

8 Symbols + Addition - Subtraction * Multiplication / Division = Used before an equation : Separates first and last number in a range of numbers, Separates nonadjacent numbers

9 Formatting All text and numbers can be formatted using the formatting toolbar. 1. Resize 2. Change style of font 3. Change color of font 4. Change position of font 5. Format numbers 2 3 554


11 Merge and Center Icon Allows text to be centered on spreadsheet across several cells

12 Format Numbers

13 Select Format, Cells, Choose style

14 Accounting Dollar sign is placed on the left of the column Underline for single line Hold down Shift key and U for double line

15 Row and Column Size Increase or decrease by dragging Increase or decrease by selecting Format from the toolbar and choosing Row or Column Increase or decrease number



18 Formulas =A2+B2 =SUM(A2:D2) (A2 is start of a cell range and D2 its end). Identifies the calculation needed to place the result in the cell it is contained within.calculation A cell containing a formula has two display components; 1. Formula itself 2. Calculated value. Must always press Enter after formula or data is entered


20 Calculated Value Formula

21 Functions A built in equation Insert, Choose function Choose function icon on formula bar

22 Select your function from a list

23 Add the cell range and click OK

24 AutoSum Allows the addition on several cells without entering a formula Click empty cell below values then AutoSum icon. Sum will appear in that cell. Select the cells including cell where sum to appear, click AutoSum icon on toolbar and sum will appear in the last cell selected

25 Selected cells Then icon. Selected single cell then icon.

26 Charts Select data to be graphed and choose Chart Wizard icon. Select chart.



29 Web Sites c.htm procedure.html

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