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Kingdom - Plantae.

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1 Kingdom - Plantae

2 Plant Evolution

3 Plant Characteristics
Vascular or Nonvascular Roots Taproots or Fibrous Roots Seeds? Flowers? Dominant Life Stage – Gametophyte or Sporophyte

4 To be a plant you must… Cell wall made of cellulose Autotroph
Eukaryote Multicellular Alternation of Generations Domain Eukarya

5 Plant Parts/ Adaptations
Stomata – openings on the sides of leaves that allow CO2 to enter and O2 to exit Cuticle – waxy covering on leaves – prevents water loss Vascular Tissue – transport tissues in plants Xylem (transports water and minerals to leaves) and Phloem (transports products of photosynthesis to roots and stems) Seeds – plant structure that contains an embryo, nutrients and is covered by a protective coat

6 Cross-section of a leaf

7 Plant Reproduction Alternation of Generations – Alternate between haploid and diploid Gametophyte – haploid – makes sperm and eggs Sporophyte – diploid – made from the fusion of 2 gametophyte gametes – makes spores that grow into the next gametophyte generation

8 Alternation of Generations

9 Parts of a Flower

10 Phylum Hepatophyta - Liverworts
Avascular No roots No seeds No Flowers Gametophyte is dominant Very simple plants

11 Phylum – Bryophyta - Mosses
Avascular No roots No seeds No flowers Dominant Gametophyte Very simple

12 Phylum – Pterophyta - Ferns
Vascular Roots No seeds No flowers Sporophyte is dominant

13 Phylum – Coniferophyta – Conifers/ Gymnosperms
Vascular Roots Seeds No Flowers Sporophyte is dominant Some are Dioecious – have male trees and female trees

14 Phylum – Anthophyta - Angiosperms
Vascular Roots Stems Seeds Flowers Dominant Sporophyte

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