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A. Two types of plants: 1. Non-vascular, 2. Vascular.

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2 A. Two types of plants: 1. Non-vascular, 2. Vascular.

3 1. Plants without tubes are called nonvascular plants. 2.Mosses are examples of nonvascular plants which lack tubes. 3.Mosses are tiny plants that live in moist places. B. Non-Vascular Plants:

4 5.Mosses rely on moisture to reproduce and to transport water and nutrients by diffusion & osmosis. 4. Because mosses lack tubes that is why they are short and like shaded moist areas.

5 Vascular plants can be divided into two groups: a)Seedless plants, b)Seed plants. C. Vascular Plants:

6 1.Ferns are examples of seedless plants that have tubes. 2.Ferns are able to grow taller because they have tubes for transporting water and nutrients from roots. D. Seedless Plants:

7 3. Ferns still need a moist environment to reproduce, so like mosses, they also like shaded areas.

8 There are two types of seed plants: 1. Gymnosperms: non- flowering seed plants 2. Angiosperms: flowering seed plants. E. Seed Plants:

9 F.Classification of Plants: Plants NonvascularVascular Seedless Plants Seed Plants GymnospermsAngiosperms (ferns) (mosses) (flowers)(pine trees) (pine trees & flowers) (ferns, pine trees, & flowers) (mosses, ferns, pine trees & flowers) Level I Level II Level III Level IV

10 G.Seed Plant Structure: 1. There are two types of vascular tissue: a) xylem: carries water. b) phloem: carries food.

11 2.Roots serve three purposes: a) anchor plant to ground. b) absorb water and minerals from soil. c) store food (e.g. taproot).

12 3. Two root types: a) fibrous root: consists of numerous roots & root hairs (e.g. pine tree). b) taproot: has one main root (e.g. carrot).

13 4. Stems serve two purposes: a) support leaves to maximize food makingcapabilities. b) transport water, minerals, and food between roots and leaves.

14 5. Two stem types: a) herbaceous: green and soft stems. b) woody: hard stems that generally contain seasonal rings.

15 6. Leaves serve one primary function: a) make food for the plant. - this is accomplished through the process of photosynthesis.

16 - sunlight energy is used to combine water and carbon dioxide to make food (glucose) during photosynthesis.

17 7.

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