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The new Immigrants.

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1 The new Immigrants

2 Where did they come from?
Between 1870 – million Europeans arrived in the United States. Where did they come from? Push Factors Pull Factors Religious persecution (Jews in Russia) “American Dream” Fleeing the rising population in Europe Hopes to Strike in Rich “Gold Rush” (Chinese) Political/Social Instability (Mexico, West Indies) Jobs – railroad, farmlands, Higher paying wages compared to home Job scarcity (Europe, West Indies) New Territories (Hawaii, Mexican Territories) = new job opportunities Influenced by revolt and reform (France, Germany) Political stability, freedom…etc..

3 Difficult Journey One week journey Traveled Steerage
Stormy, frightening Traveled Steerage Lowest cost/lowest class Rarely allowed on deck Difficult conditions Lice infested beds Disease spread Very crowded

4 Ellis Island – New York harbor
Immigrants had to: Pass inspections Health –unhealthy not allowed Gov. Inspector Questioning Literacy test $25 20% detained for 1+ days 2% were returned home Processing could last up to 5 hours.

5 Angel island – San Francisco
West coast processing center. Mainly Chinese and Japanese immigrants Conditions were deplorable Harsh treatment Jail-like holding cells Extensive detention and questioning

6 Culture shock New immigrants experienced confusion and anxiety as they adjusted to American life. Culture, language, customs, way of thinking..etc They became targets for thieves or others to take advantage. Challenges – finding a home, work, and language barriers. Ethnic communities Immigrants began to group together and live in common areas. Supported each other to build churches, stores, and other community spaces

7 Immigrant reaction to angel island
Immigrants reacted to their new homes through poetry on the walls of the barracks. Instead of remaining a citizen of China, I willingly became an ox. I intended to come to America to earn a living. The Western styled buildings are lofty; but I have not the luck to live in them. How was anyone to know that my dwelling place would be a prison? Reprinted with permission from University of Washington Press.

8 Assimilation The act of combining previous cultural practices with those found in the United States and abandoning native languages and customs. “A melting pot” Immigrants did not want to abandon their culture. Growing immigrant population = growing anti-immigrant sentiment.

9 nativism Nativism - Favoritism towards native-born Americans
Led to distrust of immigrants Protestants feared growing population Roman Catholics and Jews. Prejudice and social attacks towards the “undesirables”. nativism

10 Anti-Asian sentiment Cause Effect
Growing anti-Chinese sentiment during depressing. (compete for jobs) Prejudice and segregation of Japanese, Korean and Chinese children in San Francisco. This caused riots in Japan. Chinese Exclusion Act: Forbid the immigration of any Chinese person except students, teachers, merchants, tourists, and government officials. *not repealed until 1943* Pressure on President Theodore Roosevelt from Japanese leaders led to the Gentlemen’s Agreement: Japan would limit the number of emigrants to the USA.

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