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Fluorine Element Project

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1 Fluorine Element Project
By: Anna Eisenbeis

2 F 9 18.9984032 Nonmetal FLUORINE Symbol of element Atomic number
Atomic mass Group

3 History of Fluorine Fluorine was discovered by a chemist named Joseph Henri Moissan in He won the Nobel Prize in 1906 in chemistry, because he was the first person to isolate fluorine. The name Fluorine comes from the Latin word “Fluere” which means to flow.

4 Where fluorine exists Fluorine is found in drinking water and toothpaste(fluoride) to prevent cavities.

5 Uses of fluorine Hydrofluoric acid can dissolve glass and is used to etch the glass in light bulbs. It is also used in uranium processing.

6 Form Fluorine is usually found as a pale yellow color.
Its structure is cubic crystals in the solid phase.

7 Where is it found? Fluorine is NOT man-made, it is natural and found in the Earth’s crust and in nature.

8 physical properties Melting point- -219.6 degrees C
Boiling point degrees C Density- 293K physical properties

9 State of matter GAS (Halogen) Fluorine is a gas at room temperature

10 Chemical properties Fluorine is highly reactive and corrosive. It’s the most chemically reactive and electronegative of all the elements! It is also flammable. It is so reactive that glass, metals, water, and other substances burst into flames when reacted with fluorine.

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