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8/12 Boardwork- Please copy the following questions on a separate sheet of paper and answer them in complete sentences. 1.What do you most enjoy about.

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1 8/12 Boardwork- Please copy the following questions on a separate sheet of paper and answer them in complete sentences. 1.What do you most enjoy about science? 2.What do you least enjoy about science? Boardwork will be collected at the end of every 2 weeks for a classwork grade so make sure to place your Boardwork in your science folder so you do not loose it!!

2 Rules 1.You have been given a small piece of paper on this paper please write one rule/ regulation that you think is important for success in science. 2.As a class you will be asked to read your rule aloud. 3.We will then organize these rules together.

3 Syllabus Course of Study The topics for 7th grade science will include scientific processes which will be integrated throughout the year. Next, we will study the Earth and Geology. The second semester will be dedicated to astronomy and principles of Ecology.

4 Materials Bring the following to class everyday.  A science 3-ring binder-you may use a section of another binder labeled “SCIENCE” (should hold loose leaf paper)  Your Science Journal (composition book or spiral notebook)  Student agenda  Blue or black pen  Pencil and eraser  Positive attitude

5 Classroom Rules The rules include the three R’s RESPECT- As a member of this learning community you must show respect for all people and property. Treat others as you would like to be treated. READINESS- Learning is our goal so you must be prepared. This includes having all materials needed to proceed with learning. This also includes being mentally and physically prepared. RESPONSIBILITY- You are responsible for your own learning. You are also responsible for your actions.

6 Classroom Expectations Come to class prepared, when the bell rings you should be seated with your science journal and begin working on the Boardwork. Each student is responsible for his or her learning. All work areas will look cleaner when you leave than when you arrived. During group work each student is involved and everyone is responsible for the information. Keep your hands, feet, offensive language and behavior to yourself. Disruptive behavior affects everyone, it will not be tolerated. All work will be done in your science journal/ or saved and kept in the science section of your binder. Come to class prepared to learn, ask questions once called upon, and think creatively. **This rules list can be altered at any time by the teacher. Student input is welcomed and will be respected.**

7 Procedures and Protocol During Class Enter the classroom and begin working on the Boardwork in your science journal immediately. Once Mrs. Merritt begins class make sure that you follow all rules and expectations. Ensure that all work that you complete is your very best work. Follow all safety rules at all times. End of Class Do not put materials away until you have been instructed to do so. All areas need to be cleaner when you leave then when you arrived. The teacher dismisses you- not the bell

8 Homework Homework assignments will be given 2-3 times per week. It is your responsibility to write the assignments down in your agenda at the time they are given. We will have quizzes, tests, homework checks, and reports each quarter.

9 Late and Absent Work Late work- Each student will be given two late-homework passes per quarter which will give the student the opportunity to turn homework in one day late without penalty. After the two homework passes are used late work will not be accepted for full credit! Late work will only earn half the points possible for the assignment. Absent Work- (applies to excused absences only) Obtaining, understanding, and completing late assignments are the responsibility of the student- Mrs. Merritt will be available to answer questions. Refer to assignment chart posted at the front of the room. Make sure to write the date that you were absent and the reason for the absence in the boardwork section of your journal for credit. Obtain notes from a fellow classmate. You have the same number of days to make up the assignment as you were absent. Extra Credit- There will be few opportunities for extra credit given each quarter. Do not ask for extra credit at the end of the quarter.

10 Grades Grades will be determined using the following: Exams/ Quizzes 40% Lab Reports/ Projects 30% Homework 20% Science Workbook (Boardwork, closure, notes etc.) 10% Grades will be updated every other week on Friday and can be accessed online.

11 Tardies If you are late to class Mrs. Merritt will take and sign your tardy card. 4 tardies will earn you a referral to the office.

12 Classroom Rewards and Consequences Rewards Students will be rewarded in many ways including, but not limited to; PRIDE awards, verbal praise, and positive notes or phone calls home. Consequences You will be responsible for your own learning and will be held accountable for your actions. Refer to the 6th grade discipline plan. 1st Reminder Warning/ Teacher Conference 2nd You will be placed in “Time Out” to fill out a Behavior Self Evaluation 3rd Parent Phone call 4th Office Referral **Any extreme disruption or blatant disrespect will result in an immediate office referral

13 Finally! You will be given all the tools necessary for your success in this class. It is your responsibility to take advantage of these opportunities! If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me. Together we will make this a great year!!

14 Questions? Please take this home and share it with your parent/ guardian and return the bottom section no later than next Wednesday August 18, 2010.

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