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Review Chapter 4.

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1 Review Chapter 4

2 Ratio and Rates 4.1

3 Vocabulary Ratio – a comparison of two numbers by division.
Rate – a comparison of two quantities with different types of units Unit Rate – a rate that has been simplified so it has a denominator of 1.

4 Rate of Change 4.2

5 Vocabulary Rate of change – a rate that describes how one quantity changes in relation to another.

6 Rate of Change

7 Rate of Change Graphs

8 Slope 4.3

9 Vocabulary Slope – the rate of change between two points
Rise – the vertical change Run – the horizontal change

10 Solving Proportions 4.4

11 Vocabulary Proportion – two ratios that are equivalent.
Cross Products – the process of multiplying two ratios for comparison or solution.

12 Proportion PROPORTION:

13 Cross Products CROSS PRODUCTS:

14 Using Cross-Products To Solve
Set your two proportions to be equal Use your cross-products to set up the equation Multiplication problem: Divide X equals your missing denominator!

15 Similar Polygons 4.5

16 Vocabulary Polygon – a simple closed figure in a plane formed by three or more line segments Similar – polygons that have the same shape Corresponding parts – parts of similar figures that “match” Congruent – angles that have the same measure Scale factor – the ratio of the lengths of two corresponding sides of two similar polygons

17 Properties of Similar Polygons

18 Similar Polygons

19 Scale

20 Scale Drawings and Models

21 Vocabulary Scale drawing – a 2 dimensional representation of an object that is too large or too small to be drawn or built at actual size. Scale Model – a 3 dimensional representation of an object that is too large or too small to be drawn or built at actual size. Scale – the ratio of the given length on a drawing or model to its corresponding actual length. 1 inch = 4 feet 1:30 = 1 unit represents an actual distance of 30 units.

22 Indirect Measurement 4.7

23 Vocabulary Indirect measurement – the technique of using properties of similar polygons and proportions to find distances or lengths that can be difficult to measure directly.

24 Shadow Reckoning

25 Dilations 4.8

26 Vocabulary Dilation – the image produced by enlarging or reducing a figure

27 Scale Factor

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