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HOW TO DO GREAT TAKING TESTS! Sasha Carp Counselor Fruitville Elementary.

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1 HOW TO DO GREAT TAKING TESTS! Sasha Carp Counselor Fruitville Elementary

2 Created from TRUE OR FALSE? TESTS STINK, by Trevor Romain and Elizabeth Verdick, and other materials

3 Taking tests can be kind of scary…..

4 The problems can look so big…

5 There is just so much stuff to look at….

6 ….that you can wind up feeling overwhelmed!

7 You might start to feel short of breath…..

8 ..or feeling like youd like to just run away!

9 Youll think, Id really rather be home right now instead of taking this test.

10 Hey, why are tests that important, anyway?

11 But, tests are more important than you think.

12 Results of tests help us figure out ways to help you learn more.

13 And, they help the school make decisions later about classes you might need, or courses you might need to take.

14 Theres no way to get AROUND having to take tests…..

15 So, its a good idea to learn some ways to do BETTER on them!

16 Heres a look at some things that can help you.

17 Get plenty of sleep the night before the test.

18 Eat a good dinner that night, too.

19 …and a good breakfast the next morning!

20 Wear comfortable clothes to school that day….

21 …and arrive to school ON TIME !!!

22 Be sure to have your supplies, like pencils and erasers….

23 If you wear glasses, dont forget and leave them at home!

24 And, if your teacher will allow it, bring a snack thats good for you.

25 You already know snacks that are healthy…..

26 ….and OTHER snacks that are, well, you get the idea!

27 Before the test, there are some things to do to help you to relax.

28 First of all, STAY CALM!

29 Just know that you need to relax, and simply try to do your best!

30 Dont expect to be able to answer EVERY question on the test.

31 Dont be afraid to guess, if you have to…….

32 Follow your hunches.

33 Try NOT to watch the clock all the time.

34 Work rapidly, but CAREFULLY!!

35 Try not to spend too much time filling in the bubbles on your worksheet.

36 Pay close attention to following the directions.

37 Read each question carefully.

38 Be sure you mark the answer to each question on the right place of your answer sheet.

39 If you have time at the end, go back and look over your answers.

40 Think TWICE before you change an answer….your first answer MAY have been RIGHT!!

41 If you change an answer, be sure to ERASE the first one completely!

42 If you start to feel frustrated….

43 Put your pencil down, take a few deep breaths…..

44 …and soon youll be ready to dive back in!

45 Here are some MORE Test Taking Hints!

46 1. BE TEST WISE Pay attention when your teacher says this will be on the test!

47 2. BE A TEST DETECTIVE Listen for clues from your teacher, such as you need to know this.

48 3.TAKE A PRACTICE TEST It can help you to sharpen your skills.

49 4. ON TRUE-FALSE TESTS….look for words like sometimes, most, and rarely, which are often TRUE.

50 … and watch OUT for words like always or never, which are often FALSE.


52 DO ask what kind of test it will be, and what it will cover.

53 DONT BECOME TEST OBSESSED! Teacher: Did you have a nice weekend? Student: Is that going to be on the TEST?

54 If someone tries to cheat off of your paper, DO cover up your test, and keep going.

55 DONT leap up from your desk, shouting, HEY, everybody, this cheater is cheating off of me!

56 Watch out for the FIVE SIGNS OF TEST STRESS.

57 1. You freeze up during the test.

58 2. Your mind goes completely blank.

59 3. You start wishing for a disaster.

60 4. Youre so nervous that you dont even realize youre holding your breath.

61 5. You feel like youre on the worlds largest roller coaster – and the safety bar just broke!

62 Some kids think that students who make high grades simply LOVE to take tests, and NEVER get nervous, right?

63 WRONG! Some of the brightest students have TERRIBLE Test Stress!

64 You need to REMOVE negative thoughts from your brain.

65 Thoughts like: Im going to fail. Im so dumb.

66 Sometimes its good to find a study buddy, so you can work together.

67 Dont just study the night before the test…review your notes OFTEN!

68 It is VERY important to……

69 Just keep a positive attitude….

70 … and just keep telling yourself I CAN DO IT!

71 And pretty soon, youll feel OK about taking ANY test!

72 Well……ALMOST any test!

73 Tests are not always fun…

74 …but youll always have to TAKE them.

75 Want to know the BEST thing about tests?

76 Once they are over, you feel TERRIFIC!

77 Other people are proud of you.

78 But, best of all, YOU are proud of YOURSELF.

79 Hang in there…youre going to do GREAT!!!!

80 THE END No animals were harmed in the making of this PowerPoint Presentation. Photos from Materials adapted from True or False: Tests Stink, by Trevor Romain and Elizabeth Verdick

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