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ERP Stabilization Update

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1 ERP Stabilization Update

2 Introduction Stabilization Progress ERP Highlights Process Resolution
Focus on improvements for FY08

3 Stabilization Progress
Project Plan Bugzilla

4 Project Plan

5 Bugzilla Product / "Priority" 1 - Critical / Production Stopped
2 - Urgent / Production Affected 3 - High / Production Impacted 4 - Medium / Production Standard 5 - Low / Production Not Affected Total Accounts Payable 1 Accounts Receivable 3 4 Asset Management Budgets 2 8 General Ledger 5 16 Project Costing 6 Benefits Human Resources 14 Payroll 11 eRecruit Human Capital 10 Infrastructure Infrastructure - PeopleSoft 7 12 PeopleSoft UPK / Training Billing Inventory PCard Purchasing 9 35 27 46 115

6 ERP Highlights Training Human Resources & Benefits Payroll Accounting
Accounts Payable Purchasing Technology

7 Training Training is on-going Principal training
Classroom and online Principal training Payroll summer training Bookkeeper/Secretary training Open labs Back-office staff

8 Human Resources & Benefits
Reappointments completed for FY08 Mass Salary update process implemented for several employee groups Recruitment process improvements eBenefits scheduled for October Go-Live

9 Payroll District staff are running payrolls.
Employees who have been identified as overpaid have been notified and selected a repayment plan. Re-design of the contract pay process is on schedule for next year.

10 Accounting Accounting periods closed through February
Payroll distributed through April Enables us to pull data for reporting (grants) Validation of data is behind schedule but underway

11 Accounts Payable Paid 162,049 invoices totaling $742,757,823
Only 793 invoices over 45 days old totaling $3,301,256 A new process for paying invoices for goods (when schools are out) has been implemented Invoice scanning is being implemented to improve communication for next year

12 Purchasing Issued 19,732 purchase orders totaling $702,789,415
22 vendors represented in the marketplace Dual year requisitioning in place

13 Technology Established performance team to address system issues
Disaster Recovery procedures are in process Bundles and Patches

14 Bundles & Patches HCM Bundles/Patches – September
FIN Bundles/Patches – October Testing environments are currently being prepared for these projects. HCM has not applied any patches since Go-Live (July 1, 2006). FIN implemented ten bundles available last fall. Currently there are six more available.

15 Staffing HR/Benefits/Payroll (HCM) General Manager has been hired as of May 31st Nine of the ten PeopleSoft specific positions approved by the Board have been filled. The Functional Specialist in Payroll remains open.



18 Process Resolution Issue Identified
Subject Matter Experts (SME) analyze issue Bugzilla PeopleSoft Case Project Plan - Scope

19 ERP Stabilization Update

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