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Six Categories Characters Vocabulary Events Trivia Who said it? Places.

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4 Six Categories Characters Vocabulary Events Trivia Who said it? Places

5 CharacterVocabularyEventsTriviaWho Said It? Places 1 Point 2 Points 3 Points 4 Points 5 Points

6 Esperanzas best friends

7 Who are Rachel and Lucy?

8 Esperanza's friend who also writes poetry.

9 Who is Minerva?

10 The characters who end up literally imprisoned by the men in their lives.

11 Who are Rafaela and Sally?

12 The characters who does not speak English.

13 Who is Mamacita ?

14 The character who is described as beautiful and too exotic for Mango Street.

15 Who is Sally?

16 Ruthie is described as a tall skinny lady with red lipstick and a blue babaushka. The word babushka means…

17 What is scarf?

18 Your 'abuelito' is dead, Esperanza's papa tells her. The word abuelito means…

19 Who is her grandfather?

20 Elenita, also known as witch woman, stated "Los espiritus are here." The word 'los espiritus' means ……

21 What are the spirits?

22 When Esperanza's mother stated "Look at my 'comodres,' she was referring to….

23 Who are her female friends?

24 She knows how to do cumbias and salsas and rancheras. These terms refer to …..

25 What are types of dance?

26 The event that Esperanza attended that she had to wear her old shoes.

27 What is her cousins baptism?

28 What Darius was doing when her made a reference to God.

29 What is looking at clouds?

30 The event the caused Mamacita to let out a hysterical cry.

31 What is her baby boy singing a Pepsi commercial?

32 What event led to Meme Ortiz to move to Esperanzas neighborhood.

33 What is Cathy and her cats moving away?

34 The event the led to Sally getting married.

35 What is meeting a marshmallow salesman at a school bazaar?

36 The drink Rafaela drank on Tuesday night.

37 What is coconut and papaya juice?

38 The reason Esperanza needed a job.

39 What is a Catholic high school tuition?

40 What Elenita saw when reading Esperanzas future.

41 What is a home in the heart?

42 What Esperanza said about people who live on the hills.

43 What is they sleep so close to the stars they forget those of us who live too much on earth?

44 The reason for the guilt that Esperanza felt when her aunt died.

45 What is play the game imitating her sick aunt?

46 Please let Esperanza eat in the lunchroom because she lives too far away gets tired.

47 Who is Esperanzas mother/Mrs. E. Cordero?

48 If you give me five dollars I will be your best friend forever.

49 Who is Rachel?

50 What matters is for the boys to see us and for us to see them.

51 Who is Marin?

52 Referring to Esperanza buying her candy, Make sure its the soft kind so it wont hurt my teeth.

53 Who is Ruthie?

54 Kids, if I give you a dollar will you go to the store and buy me some coconut and papaya juice?

55 Who is Rafaela?

56 Where Esperanzas house is located.

57 Where is Mango Street?

58 The city where the novel is set.

59 Where is Chicago?

60 This place becomes a symbol of magic and freedom for the neighborhood children.

61 What is the abandoned garden?

62 Where the Earl of Tennessee live.

63 Where is next door in Ednas basement?

64 Esperanza states that she would not forget who she was and where she came from. The place she said that those who need a place to stay (bums) could stay in her house.

65 Where it the attic?




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