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Six Categories Vocabulary Characters Places Who said it? Trivia Events.

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4 Six Categories Vocabulary Characters Places Who said it? Trivia Events

5 VocabularyCharactersPlacesWho said it? TriviaEvents 1 Point 2 Points 3 Points 4 Points 5 Points

6 A scientific concept meaning a wrinkle in time.

7 What is a Terrasact?

8 The word Charles Wallaces mother used when he showed off new words (means extraordinary, marvelous )

9 What is prodigious?

10 One of Megs fathers nicknames for her (meaning 3.26 million light years).

11 What is megaparsec?

12 The word the Charles Wallace associated with it IT sometimes calls Itself the Happiest ______ (meaning. one who derives pleasure from pain ).

13 What is sadist?

14 What Mrs. Whatsit morphed into (Greek creature that is half man/half horse).

15 What is a centaur?

16 The family member was missing at the beginning of the book.

17 Who is Mr. Murry?

18 Meg's brother's name.

19 Who is Charles Wallace?

20 The character that came home from school with a black eye.

21 Who is Meg?

22 The character who allowed the children to look into her crystal ball and see their mothers.

23 Who is the Happy Medium?

24 The character who offers to go with Meg to hold her while they go through the Black Thing.

25 Who is Aunt Beast?

26 The planet where IT lived.

27 What is Camazotz?

28 The place where everyone land when they return to Earth.

29 What is the twins vegetable garden?

30 Where Megs bedroom was located in the Murrys house.

31 What is the attic?

32 Where Meg got her black eye?

33 What is school?

34 The planet where the novel ended.

35 Where is Earth?

36 Yyouu arrre sstill verry yyoung.

37 Who is Mrs. Which?

38 As paredes tem ouvidos. Thats Portuguese. Walls have ears.

39 Who is Mrs. Who?

40 Referring to his mom, I dont know why I call home. She wouldnt notice.

41 Who is Calvin?

42 Usually no matter what happens people think its my fault. I hate being an oddball.

43 Who is Meg?

44 Thinking Im a moron gives people something to smug about. Why should I disillusion them?

45 Who I Chrarles Wallace?

46 What Meg had that IT did not have.

47 What is love?

48 What caused Charles Wallace to get caught up in IT.

49 What is pride?

50 Though dressed as Halloween witches and living in a haunted house, in actuality, what kind of beings were the mysterious three ladies?

51 What are stars?

52 What Mrs. Whatsit stole.

53 What are sheets?

54 The first line of the book: "It was a ____ ___ ______ night.

55 What is dark and stormy?

56 On Uriel, when Meg let the flower fall from her face, the event that occurred.

57 What is could not breathe.

58 What Meg had to do to enter the transparent column to rescue her father.

59 What is put on Mrs. Who's spectacles/glasses?

60 The fault that led to Charles Wallace getting caught up in IT.

61 What is pride?

62 The weapon Meg used to save herself and rescue Charles from the mind of 'It'.

63 What is love?

64 The feeling that Meg felt when outsiders asked about her fathers departure.

65 What is anger?




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