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100 200 300 400 500 InventionsCorporationsUnions Vocab 1Vocab 2 Misc. Final Question.

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2 100 200 300 400 500 InventionsCorporationsUnions Vocab 1Vocab 2 Misc. Final Question

3 Describe the first flight and the reaction to it. A 100

4 Was largely ignored by the press and the public Lasted for 12 seconds and flew 120 feet A 100

5 Why was the invention of the light bulb significant? A 200

6 it allowed people to work at night increasing factory productivity Created demand for electricity and the growth of the power plant industry A 200

7 Which 2 inventions had the greatest impact on women? A 300

8 Typewriter Telephone A 300

9 Describe Henry Bessemers contribution to the 2 nd Industrial Revolution A 400

10 Creates the Bessemer process which greatly reduces the price of steel A 400

11 This man made the invention of cheap steel available in the US A 500

12 Andrew Carnegie A 500

13 This business model involves owning the companies that provide the materials and services upon which your enterprise depends to increase profit. B 100

14 -Vertical Integration B 100

15 This business model involves owning several companies that make the same product to increase profit. B 200

16 -Horizontal Integration B 200

17 This business model involves buying supplies in bulk and producing goods in massive quantities to increase profit. B 300

18 Economies of Scale B 300

19 Define Trust, why do they form B 400

20 Is created when multiple companies combine under one board of trustees To control price and prodcution

21 Define Corporation B 500

22 Company that sells shares of ownership, called stock, to investors in order to raise money. B 500

23 Define Labor Union C 100

24 Organized associations of workers, formed to protect and further the rights and interests of the workers C 100

25 Describe 3 goals of unions C 200

26 8 hour workday Reserve western land for settlers Raise the wage to a livable standard Abolish child labor Graduated Income Tax Government ownership of telephone, telegraph, and railroads Better working conditions Stop immigration Overthrow wage system Tariffs on imported goods C 200

27 Describe 3 tactics of unions in this time period C 300

28 Collective bargaining Strike Boycott Pressuring Government to pass laws Violence and Vandalism C 300

29 What are the 3 philosophies behind labor unions? C 400

30 Power in numbers American Revolution Ideals: Believes in social equality, celebrates honest labor, and relies on an independent, virtuous citizenship Karl Marx and communism C 400

31 Describe the events surrounding the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire. How did this event effect the labor movement? C 500

32 With the main stairway on fire and the other doors locked, the trapped workers had no escape routes. They burned to death on the factory floor, stampeded toward the elevator shaft or jumped to their deaths from the windows. Firemen, whose ladders were too short to reach the ninth floor, watched helplessly with thousands of onlookers as the workers died. Public opinion supports unions Government reforms workplace safety laws C 500

33 Describe the Homestead Act of 1862: D 100

34 Opened land to the average person Required a person to apply, live on land for 5 years and improve it, and then to file for the deed D 100

35 Manifest Destiny D 200

36 Is the idea that that the expansion of the US throughout the American continent was both justified and inevitable. D 200

37 A Monopoly D 300

38 Is created when one business removes all of their competition and controls the market Was one of the reasons the US saw such amazing growth in manufacturing during the late 1800s Uses vertical and horizontal integration Has been accused of corrupting government and taking advantage of workers and the public D 300

39 A small business D 400

40 Is a business that is privately owned and operated, with a small number of employees and relatively low volume of sales. D 400

41 Stockholders D 500

42 Buy ownership of a business and receive a percent of the companies profits in return

43 Social Darwinism: E 100

44 Believes that the fittest members of society will rise to wealth and power, the unfit will fail. E 100

45 Laissez Faire E 200

46 That the government should not interfere in the economy. E 200

47 Communism E 300

48 Believes that the capitalist system allows the wealthy to take advantage of the workers and will result in revolution, therefore there should be no private ownership and the community should provide all needs for the people equally E 300

49 Collective bargaining E 400

50 negotiations between the union and the employer involving wages, hours, and working conditions E 400

51 Boycott E 500

52 A decision by consumers to stop buying a particular product, in order to achieve a political or economical goal. E 500

53 Bicameral Legislature: F 100

54 A legislative body with two parts Was created by the Constitution F 100

55 Elects the President F 200

56 Electoral College F 200

57 What were three specific benefits that resulted from building the railroad? F 300

58 Various F 300

59 How did construction of the railroad affect the lives of Native Americans on the plains in 3 ways. F 400

60 Various F 400

61 Describe the events surrounding the Homestead Strike. How did this event effect the labor movement F 500

62 Economy downturn for steel –carnegie and frick want to lower wages and break union – union agrees to wage but not break – frick builds wall hires pinkertons – battle between strikers and pinkertons – men die – scabs- union breaks Public opinion doesnt know who to support, the steel union is broken and owners institution lower wages F 500

63 The Final Question Category is: LIE Please record your wager. Click on screen to begin

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65 -Various answers Click on screen to continue

66 Thank You for Playing! Game Designed By C. Harr-MAIT

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