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Parts of Speech Adverbs.

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1 Parts of Speech Adverbs

2 Part Definition Example
Noun A person, place, thing, or idea. Under the clouds, we felt like fish swimming in suntan oil. Pronoun A word that takes the place of one or more nouns Electra thought that her tattoo was larger than she expected. Verb A word or phrase that expresses action or a state of being The movie starts at 9:00. (action) The movie is terrible. (being) Adjectives A word that modifies a noun or a pronoun That new blue sports car has aluminum rims. It also has a high-tech GPS system. Adverb A word that modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb I instantly realized that I had just insulted the mayor and that she was quite angry with me.

3 To find an adverb, ask yourself:
Where? When? How? To what extent?

4 Many adverbs end in –ly

5 not ending in ly afterward fast nowhere straight again hard often then
almost here outside there alone just perhaps today already later quite tomorrow also long rather too always low seldom very away more so well down near sometimes yesterday even never somewhat yet ever next somewhere everywhere not soon far now still not ending in ly

6 Adverbs that modify verbs
Where? We looked everywhere for a gift that Emerson would like. When? They always play loud music, and the neighbors always complain. How? She carefully followed the directions to the airport.

7 Adverbs that modify adjectives and other adverbs
Modifying an adjective The weather this winter is extremely cold. Modifying an adverb In California, earthquakes occur quite often.

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