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100 200 300 400 500 Articles of Confederation The Constitution Constitution 2 Misc. 1Misc. 2Vocabulary Final Question.

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2 100 200 300 400 500 Articles of Confederation The Constitution Constitution 2 Misc. 1Misc. 2Vocabulary Final Question

3 How did the magna carta influence our founding documents? A 100

4 Gave us the idea of protecting people accused of crimes (King John and Rebel Barons) A 100

5 What was the main weakness of the AOC? A 200

6 National Government was too weak and the states were too strong A 200

7 Which political philosopher had the greatest impact on the way power was divided up in the AOC? A 300

8 John Locke, the founding fathers believed in his philosophy that man would naturally join together and do the right thing. A 300

9 How did Shays Rebellion prove that the AOC was not going to work out? A 400

10 State governments demanded debt repayment from farmers, farmers hadnt been paid for military service and the economy was bad, farmers tried to appeal democratically to the state for leniency, state refused, farmers rebelled, national government couldnt do anything and it took months to put down the rebellion A 400

11 When were the AOC written, ratified and replaced? A 500

12 1777 written, ratified 1781, replaced 1788 A 500

13 Name 2 ways in which the Iroquois Confederacy inspired the Constitution B 100

14 -Representative government that unites separate entities but they retain sovereignty -Citizens can vote in reps and vote them out -A military pact to protect the smaller entities B 100

15 What was the argument between Federalists and Anti- Federalists about? B 200

16 -The size and scope of government -Whether or not the Constitution alone did enough to protect citizens B 200

17 Describe the Great Compromise B 300

18 Solved the dilemma of large and small state representation with a bicameral legislature B 300

19 Which branch of government gets to do the following: -Impeach officials -Nominate supreme court justices -Create laws -Rule laws and actions unconstitutional -Control how money is spent B 400

20 Legislative - Create laws - Control how money is spent - Impeach officials Executive -Nominate supreme court justices Judicial -Rule laws and actions unconstitutional

21 What are the 2 ways the constitution can be changed? Be sure to describe how these occur. B 500

22 Formal: Propose and ratify 2/3 of congress or 2/3 of state conventions called by congress Ratified by ¾ of congress or ¾ of state conventions Changes the words of the document Informal Supreme court rules on a case and changes how we think B 500

23 How did Thomas Hobbes influence our founding fathers when writing the Constitution? C 100

24 The states had abused power under the Articles and it was obvious they needed a stronger central government to make them behave. C 100

25 Describe the 3/5 Compromise C 200

26 Solved the dilemma between slave holding and non slave holding states and representation in the house. Slaves counted as 3/5 of a person. C 200

27 When was the Constitution written and ratified? C 300

28 Written 1787, ratified 1788 C 300

29 How is representation for the Electoral College decided and what does the EC do? *bonus – how many does WI have? C 400

30 # of representatives in the House + 2 Senators = # of electoral college votes Officially elects the president * 10 C 400

31 Distinguish between New, Dual, and Cooperative Federalism C 500

32 Dual: very defined jobs for state and national Cooperative: the jobs mix New: desire to return power to the states C 500

33 How do Categorical Grants and Block Grants fit into federalism? D 100

34 Categorical grants have many conditions and allow for more national control Block grants have fewer and allow for greater state control D 100

35 What are Delegated Powers? D 200

36 Powers of the national government written down in the Constitution D 200

37 What are reserved powers? D 300

38 Powers given to the states not national government D 300

39 What are concurrent powers? D 400

40 Powers shared between the states and national government D 400

41 When did the Revolutionary war begin and end? D 500

42 1775-1783 D 500

43 When two laws come into conflict at the state and national level, which law prevails and why? E 100

44 National, Supremacy Clause E 100

45 Define Federalism E 200

46 Power shared between the LEVELS of Government E 200

47 Define Checks and Balances E 300

48 How power is balanced between the 3 branches of government so no branch becomes to powerful E 300

49 How is the governments approach to corporal punishment is an example of what? E 400

50 Informal change to the Constituion based on a supreme court ruling in 1977 E 400

51 Describe how the governments approach to the legal drinking age is an example of federalism. E 500

52 National government will withhold highway funds from states that do not set the legal drinking age at 21 E 500

53 Define State of Nature F 100

54 Where there are no rules to tell people how to act F 100

55 Define ratify F 200

56 To accept and make legal F 200

57 Define Social Contract F 300

58 When the people agree to give up a little freedom to have their rights protected F 300

59 Define the Necessary and Proper Clause F 400

60 Congress may create all rules that are necessary and proper in order to carry out their enumerated/delegated powers F 400

61 What are the 3 branches of government What positions make up the 3 branches What articles in the Constitution talk about the 3 branches? F 500

62 Judicial, Legislative, Executive Supreme Court, Congress, President Articles I-III F 500

63 The Final Question Category is: Amendments Please record your wager. Click on screen to begin

64 Match the amendment up with its proper content 1. __________ 1 st Amendment 2. __________ 2 nd Amendment 3. __________ 3 rd Amendment 4. __________ 4 th Amendment 5. __________ 5 th Amendment 6. __________ 6 th Amendment 7. __________ 7 th Amendment 8. __________ 8 th Amendment 9. __________ 9 th Amendment 10.__________ 10 th Amendment A.Any powers not given to the national government are given to the states B.Proper searches and seizures C.Rights of an accused person D.Right to keep weapons E.Troops cannot be kept in your home without your permission F.Freedom of speech, religion and the right to assembly G.No cruel and unusual punishments H.Right to a speedy trial I.Right to a trial by jury J.The constitution should not be used to take rights away from the people Click on screen to continue

65 1. F 1 st Amendment 2. D 2 nd Amendment 3. E 3 rd Amendment 4. B 4 th Amendment 5. C 5 th Amendment 6. H 6 th Amendment 7. I 7 th Amendment 8. G 8 th Amendment 9. J 9 th Amendment 10.A 10 th Amendment Click on screen to continue

66 Thank You for Playing! Game Designed By C. Harr-MAIT

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