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OVERVIEW The Role of the IG Organization American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) What Are My Responsibilities Mandatory Reporting Whistle-Blower.

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2 OVERVIEW The Role of the IG Organization American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) What Are My Responsibilities Mandatory Reporting Whistle-Blower Act (Federal & State) Conflicts of Interest Contractual Requirements

3 The Role of the IG § 20.055, F.S. – IG Authority Promote accountability, integrity, and efficiency in Government Keep Agency Head informed concerning fraud, abuses, and deficiencies Ensure effective coordination between Auditor General, Federal Auditors, and other governmental bodies

4 Organizational Chart

5 ORGANIZATION Internal & Single Audit Appeal Hearings Investigations

6 NORTH Tallahassee CENTRAL Orlando SUNCOAST Tampa SOUTH Ft. Lauderdale

7 Investigative Units Responsible for initiating, conducting, organizing, and supervising investigations free of impairment and independence of the organization.

8 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

9 The Office of Domestic Violence, Office on Homelessness, and Automated Community Connection to Economic Self-Sufficiency (ACCESS) are programs within the Department that have been designated to receive funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), which was recently approved by the U.S. Congress and the President. The Departments Office of Inspector General (OIG) is tasked with providing oversight, preventing fraud, and conducting audits and/or investigations related to the application for, distribution of, and use of any and all recipients of ARRA Funds, to include the Department, its Contracted Providers, and Sub-Contractors.

10 Enacted by Congress in 2009 Provides Federal Stimulus Dollars in an effort to increase economic recovery Create Jobs Retain Jobs WHAT IS ARRA?

11 WHAT ARE MY RESPONSIBILITIES? Funds from the act require transparency and accountability. All funds must be tracked, accounted for, and reported on…separately from all other funds and cannot be co-mingled with any other funds. The Provider must track and report on the specific outcomes and benefits related to ARRA and must ensure the proper use of those funds.

12 MANDATORY REPORTING PROCEDURES Children and Families Operating Procedures 180-4 Suspected or confirmed allegations must be reported to the Office of Inspector General within two (2) business days of discovery.

13 Contract Fraud Conflict of Interest Misuse of Position or Property Improper Expenditure or Commitment of Public Funds Contract Mismanagement Violation of Law, Rule, or Procedure Inappropriate Employee Acts and/or Omissions that result in client injury, abuse, neglect, or death Examples of Reportable Incidents

14 FEDERAL WHISTLE-BLOWER ACT Section 1533, Division A, Title XV ARRA Act of 2009

15 State & Local Governments Contractors Sub-Contractors Grantees Professional Membership Organizations (acting in the interest of Recovery Fund recipients) WHO IS PROTECTED? Employees of Non-Federal Employers receiving ARRA Funds, which include the following entities:

16 What Are Whistle-Blowers Protected From? Being discharged, demoted, or otherwise discriminated against as a reprisal for making a protected disclosure.

17 What Must the Disclosure Include? Gross Mismanagement of an ARRA Grant or Contract Gross Waste of ARRA Funds A substantial and specific danger to public health or safety as related to the use of ARRA Funds An abuse of authority related to the use of ARRA Funds A violation of law, rule, or regulation related to an Agency ARRA Contract or Grant The Disclosure Must Include Evidence of One of the Following:

18 UNDER FLORIDA STATUTE 112.3187-31895 WHO IS PROTECTED? Current or Former State Employees Current or Former Employees of Contracted Agencies Applicants for State or Contracted Agency Employment

19 It is the intent of the Legislature to prevent agencies or independent contractors from taking retaliatory action against an employee or independent contractor who reports violations of law which creates a substantial or specific danger to the publics health, safety, or welfare.


21 Employees should safeguard their ability to make objective, fair, and impartial decisions by not accepting any gift, benefit, or privilege that might appear to influence or reward a specific or future event.

22 Employees should avoid any conduct (whether in the context of business, financial, or social relationships) that might undermine the public trust…whether that conduct is unethical or lends itself to the appearance of ethical impropriety.

23 Employees shall not use, or attempt to use their official position for personal gain or confidential information for personal advantage.

24 Employees shall maintain high standards of honesty, integrity, & impartiality. Employees shall place the interests of the public ahead of their own personal interests.

25 Contractual Requirements

26 Direct contract management for all Substance Abuse and Mental Health contracts in the Central Office Responsibilities The Contract Manager is the designated employee that is responsible for enforcing performance of the contract terms and conditions and to serve as a liaison with the contractor. Contract Managers are expected to collaborate with program staff as content experts, to ensure the program offices receive the desired outcomes for all contracted services.

27 Invoice Review Opportunity for the Contract Manager to enhance communication and verify providers have delivered services identified for payment in the invoice. Oversight is considered part of the Contract Managers responsibilities and is not a substitute for Licensure, Audits, Monitoring, or Accreditations.

28 Allowable Costs ReasonableReasonable Conform to Limitations, Exclusions and Governing Cost PrinciplesConform to Limitations, Exclusions and Governing Cost Principles Be consistent with Policy & Procedures of the organizationBe consistent with Policy & Procedures of the organization Not included as a cost or matching requirement in State-financed programsNot included as a cost or matching requirement in State-financed programs

29 Unallowable Costs Alcoholic BeveragesAlcoholic Beverages ContributionsContributions DonationsDonations EntertainmentEntertainment Fines / PenaltiesFines / Penalties Lobbying ExpensesLobbying Expenses Losses on other contractsLosses on other contracts Public RelationsPublic Relations Travel in excess of StatutesTravel in excess of Statutes

30 Field Offices: NORTH (Tallahassee)SUNCOAST (Tampa) (850) 488-1225(813) 375-3922 CENTRAL (Orlando)SOUTH (Ft. Lauderdale) (407) 999-5393(954) 713-3230 To file a complaint, please contact the Tallahassee office using one of the following methods: Mail:1317 Winewood Blvd., Bldg. 5, 2 nd Floor Tallahassee, FL 32399-0700 Phone:(850) 488-1225 Fax:(850) 488-1428 Inspector General Investigations

31 Completion Certificate Click on the url below to obtain your certificate - ARRA Fraud Awareness Training (If the link above does not work, please right mouse click and select open hyperlink.)

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