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Parts of Speech Verbs Objectives:

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1 Parts of Speech Verbs Objectives:
To distinguish among action verbs, linking verbs, and transitive and intransitive verbs To identify verb phrases To use verb forms correctly in writing

2 Part Definition Example
Noun A person, place, thing, or idea. Under the clouds, we felt like fish swimming in suntan oil. Pronoun A word that takes the place of one or more nouns Electra thought that her tattoo was larger than she expected. Verb A word or phrase that expresses action or a state of being The movie starts at 9:00. (action) The movie is terrible. (being)

3 1. Action Verbs Tells what action the subject of a sentence is performing Most verbs are action verbs

4 1. Action Verbs Show physical action:
Kim Lee shouted a warning to his friends. Chuck mailed cartons of food. Toby and Serena volunteer at the local animal shelter.

5 1. Action Verbs Show mental action or ownership:
I always remember your birthday. Jerry had his snowboard gear in the car. Elfanso forgot it was Tuesday.

6 2. Verb Phrases A main verb plus one or more helping verbs
Common Helping Verbs be am, is are, was, were, be, being, been have has, have, had do do, does, did Other helping verbs may, might,must, can, could, shall, should, will, would

7 2. Verb Phrases The police have reopened the missing persons case.
CSI investigators do not overlook any evidence (can be separated by other words). My car does’nt handle easily in the snow (the word not and its contraction n’t are never part of the verb phrase).

8 2. Linking Verbs Links the subject with another word in the sentence
The other word either names or described the subject Sally Ride was [the first American woman] in space. You would be [amazed] how hard astronaut training is.

9 2. Linking Verbs Common forms of Be be will be has been being can be
had been is could be could have been am should be should have been are would be would have been was may be may have been were might be might have been been must be must have been shall be have been

10 2. Linking Verbs Additional Linking Verbs
**most of these may also be used as action verbs** appear feel look seem sound taste become grow remain smell stay turn

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