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Developmental Disabilities Program Performance Measures Workshop July 16, 2001.

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1 Developmental Disabilities Program Performance Measures Workshop July 16, 2001

2 Mission: To assist individuals with developmental disabilities to pursue their vision for their lives as independently as possible in their own homes and communities, in partnership with their family, friends, and community. Vision: Each consumer served will experience a personally defined quality of life within a system which values personal choice, independence, personal responsibility, and fiscal efficiency. The Developmental Disabilities Program Mission and Vision:

3 The Developmental Disabilities Program The people we serve: u Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Spina Bifida, Prader-Willi Syndrome, High Risk children u Total served as of May 200134,913 people u 61% served at home with family u 10% served in own home u 19% served in group or foster type home u 10% served in institutions u Common services: support coordination, adult day training, residential habilitation, personal care, transportation, medical care, behavioral services, therapies

4 In Community Mental retardation - 25,454 3,372 Cerebral palsy- 3,053 12 Autism- 1,626 10 Spina Bifida- 884 Prader-Willi- 32 High Risk Kids- 350 Secure Facilities- 120 31,399 3,514 Total 34,913 Public & Private Inst. Developmental Disabilities Program The Program: (By Diagnosis & Sittings) People served by disability:

5 Developmental Disabilities Program Client Flow Chart: Client Eligibility determination by district office Support Coordinator assesses needs using Fl. Status Tracking Survey Support plans to address needs and cost plans to authorize funds are developed Client chooses services from enrolled waiver Client exits the system at will or based on guardians direction Client chooses community or institutional care Client moves to DSI or private ICF/DD based on choice and availability Support plan is developed to meet client needs Institutions Community Primary Outcome = Improved quality of life for each person

6 $388 Million since FY 98-99 Increases in the last 3 years permitted the department to fully serve 27,215 people Proposed increases will provide services for more than 6,000 additional people who have become eligible since July 1, 1999. 77.56 % increase Developmental Disabilities Program Funding Increases:

7 Current Needs Met 27,215 6/30/01 Developmental Disabilities Program Individuals Served With Full Needs Met:

8 FY 01-02 Spending Plan (Prioritization) Priority order for 6,774 persons expected to be served in FY 01-02 u Cramer v. Bush class members u Remaining individuals from 7/1/99 wait list and Mentally Retarded Defendant Program discharges u Persons in crisis u Clients since 7/1/99 in date order Developmental Disabilities Program Home & Community Based Waiver:

9 Developmental Disabilities Program Major Initiatives: u Serve 6,774 new people in FY 2001-2002 u Implement utilization management measures u Increase availability of quality service providers u Develop competency based training for direct care providers u Implement consumer-directed pilot program statewide u Implement Personal Planning Guide pilot in 2 districts

10 Developmental Disabilities Program Major Initiatives: cont u Develop long-range plans for DS institutions u Continue census reduction at Landmark and plan for full closure u Privatize food and housekeeping services at institutions

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