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PrevNext | Slide 1 Using MEGS to Assign ISD/REMC FTL Reviewers Last Updated 12/19/2003.

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1 PrevNext | Slide 1 Using MEGS to Assign ISD/REMC FTL Reviewers Last Updated 12/19/2003

2 PrevNext | Slide 2 ISD/REMC Readiness Plan Reviewers. Requirement: FTL Readiness Plans must be reviewed by an ISD/REMC Reviewer Assigned by ISD Authorized Official View Access in MEGS to assigned FTL Applications Complete ISD/REMC review section of Readiness Plan Make recommendations for improvement in MEGS All ISD Ed Tech Reviewers will be assigned as FTL Reviewers

3 PrevNext | Slide 3 Read This First! Before you can be assigned as a ISD/REMC FTL reviewer, you must have a MEIS account entered in MEGS. To get a MEIS account: –Visit –Click the Create an MEIS Account link –Follow the steps to create an account –Note your username, password (it is case sensitive), and MEIS account. Have your authorized official add your account to MEGS –Main Menu: Add Users to MEGS –Then you can have your Authorized Official add you as the FTL Reviewer.

4 PrevNext | Slide 4 Requirement: ISD/REMC Reviewers must approve FTL Readiness Plans* *Applicants are required to have a readiness plan entered in MEGS if one or more of their schools has a Readiness Rubric Score of 15 or less. To Assign FTL Reviewers: 1.Authorized Official must log into MEGS. 2.Click the Assign ISD Reviewers link in the Additional Functions section. 3.The ISD may assign more than one ISD Reviewer for the Freedom to Learn Review.

5 PrevNext | Slide 5 Assigning ISD Reviewers Click the Add button on the ISD Reviewer Page

6 PrevNext | Slide 6 Assigning ISD Reviewers Select Freedom to Learn in the Grant dropdown box. Enter in 2004 for the Fiscal Year Enter in the MEIS number for the person to be assigned. Click Save.

7 PrevNext | Slide 7 After Saving the selection, all relevant information will be displayed. After the assignment is complete, a link to Review FTL Applications will appear on their Main Menu the next time they log in. Confirming the Assignment

8 PrevNext | Slide 8 Use the Search Button to see all assigned reviewers. Make sure that you have selected Free to Learn All assigned reviewers will be displayed by name. The results may be displayed as seen below. To view the names, click the box in the first column. Reviewing the Assignment

9 PrevNext | Slide 9 Assigned FTL Reviewer will log-in to MEGS Use the Review FTL Applications link in the Additional Functions sections Grid will display all assigned applications Fiscal Agent name is link to view the grant Reviewing FTL Readiness Plans

10 PrevNext | Slide 10 FTL Application Menu The Readiness Plan link is in the Program Information section.

11 PrevNext | Slide 11 Readiness Plan Review FTL Readiness Plan Review: ISD/REMC reviewers access application Review Readiness Plan Text entry is limited Reviewer can make recommendations ISD Reviewer must indicate that they have reviewed the plan. Save the page.

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