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Midterm Schedule Thursday January 28 (Periods 1 and 5)

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1 Midterm Schedule Thursday January 28 (Periods 1 and 5)
Friday January 29 (Periods 2 and 6) Monday February 1 (Periods 3 and 7) Tuesday February 2 (Periods 4 and 8) 1st Exam: 7:45AM – 9:50AM 2nd Exam: 10:00AM-12:05PM

2 Continental Drift What evidence do scientists have to support the fact that the Earth’s crust is continuously moving?

3 1500s – Abraham Ortelius Saw that the coastlines of Africa and the Americas looked similar Concluded they must have once fit together Broke apart due to floods, earthquakes and volcanoes

4 1800s – Eduard Suess Stated that the southern continents were once a single landmass called Gondwanaland Northern continents called Laurasia

5 1900s – Alfred Wegener Continental Drift
Hypothesis that Earth’s continents were joined as a single landmass that broke apart about 200 mya (million years ago) and slowly moved to their present locations

6 Pangaea = All Earth

7 Evidence from Fossils Similar fossils of several different plants and animals that once lived near each other found on widely separated continents Land animals did not swim across ocean

8 Evidence from Rock Formations
Rock types found in Appalachian Mountains similar to those found in Greenland and Europe


10 Climatic Evidence Coal deposits in Antarctica indicate that the climate was much warmer in the past Must have been located closer to the equator before it drifted

11 Flaws in Continental Drift Theory
Not able to explain what force was large enough to move such large pieces of earth over great distances Not able to explain how the ocean basins were not shattered, move through solids

12 Review Q’s What does Pangaea mean in Greek?
What was Ortelius’ contribution to Con. Drift? Who is credited with the theory of Con. Drift? List and describe the three main evidences for Con Drift. What is one major flaw in the theory of Con. Drift?

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