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FCMAT UPDATE Facilities Management March 9, 2005.

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1 FCMAT UPDATE Facilities Management March 9, 2005

2 Overall Improvement ReviewScore Sept 2003 2 March 2004 3 Sept 2004 4 Jan 2005 self rating 6

3 Accomplishments Buildings & Grounds Staff continues to improve outside lighting by replacing and adding lighting to our campuses. Improvements have been completed at the following campuses Castlemont breezeways Adult Ed (Social Justice) exterior lighting M.L.King parking lot and breezeway lighting Hoover perimeter lighting Elmhurst courtyard lighting Graffiti removal is our No.1 concern. Seven painters are dedicated to daily removal throughout the districts campuses. Facilities is working with the All City Student Council and campus based student groups to help with preventive measures. The Board has adopted Administrative Regulation AR 3515 Campus Security and Board Policy BP 5131.5 Vandalism, Theft and Graffiti. Board policy allows for restitution of damages to be collected from a student or parent up to the limits allowable by Ed Code. All campuses have been evaluated for structural deficiencies as part of the Facilities Master Plan. Repairs are being prioritized by type of repair and severity. Senate Bill 550 requires all facilities to be inspected each year and findings summarized on the districts (SARC) School Accountability Report Card each year. Senate Bill 6 establishes guidelines for annual inspections of all school facilities.

4 Safety meetings are held monthly, licenses and certification are maintain current through internal and external training, e.g. IIPP, AHERA, chemical usages, UST operator. The current master plan will be used to guide us in the development of our five (5) year maintenance plan. Deferred Maintenance plan is current and projects are managed accordingly. For Fiscal year 2005-2006 utility costs are to be incorporated into the Buildings and Grounds Budget. Facilities is recommending the hiring of a utility manager and or the hiring of SPURR to track utility usage for trends, billing errors and training of school staff on energy conservation. All operations are held accountable for purchasing and allocating tools and supplies used and maintain our facilities. Purchasing records are kept for all materials and coded to each site accordingly. Labor hours are charged to each site through our work order system. Current work order system tracks labor and material costs associated with each repair. Evaluations are conducted annually in accordance with Board Policy 4200 and collective bargaining agreement. A Grounds schedule has been developed implemented and communicated to site staff to assure each site receives service on a regular basis. Accomplishments (cont)

5 Accomplishment (cont) All work orders are assigned by priority in accordance with approved guidelines. Priority level 1, Emergencies repaired within 48 hours Priority level 2, Health and Safety within 1-10 business days Priority level 3, General repairs non safety related 10-60 days Priority level 4, Improvement requests, scheduled on a case by case basis as agreed with site

6 The original scope of the Facilities Master Plan update is in final draft form and currently being reviewed before presenting to the Board. This first phase of the update includes the following major components: Facilities survey condition and site analysis and interpretation for all school sites Surveys include sites visits and gathering of assessment information form all school sites via an extensive questionnaire. Updated site diagrams for all district sites Review and analysis of facilities feasibility of implementing multiple small schools on 34 school sites In order to more thoroughly address FCMAT standards and department goals the master planning scope of services was expanded. This phase II scope thats underway includes the following key components: A team of civil, mechanical, plumbing, electrical engineers and a roofing consultant are in the process of visiting all school sites to determine the status of each sites infrastructure and make recommendations concerning future needs Accomplishments Facilities Department

7 Recommendations will include life cycle analyses of building systems including present and future cost estimates for completing the recommended repairs and replacements over a five year period. Finally, a matrix is being developed that will capture all site facilities needs district wide and allow for the prioritization of future repairs and improvements based on agreed upon priorities. The district established a Facilities Utilization Committee which applies district school loading standards to all sites and identifies excess space on an annual basis. All requests for space from inside departments are routed through this committee which makes recommendations to the Board/State Administrator concerning the utilization of excess space throughout the district. The Facilities Utilization Committee works in conjunction with the larger Site Intervention Team. This team handles all programs including but not limited to, Small Schools, Internal and External Charters, and No Child Left Behind interventions. Annual capital improvement budgets are developed on a project by project basis which link cash balances to budgets. Each year the budget includes a cash flow of revenue and expenditure for a three year period. Facilities Advisory Committee meetings were reestablished in September 2004 and are scheduled on a regular basis. Accomplishments (cont)

8 Expansion of the Team Cleaning Pilot Program. We have grown past the original four school sites of Markham, Maxwell Park, Whittier and Parker. Our expansion includes the Castlemont Community of Schools, as well as, a second roving team that serves the students and staff at Cole Middle, M. L. King and Washington. Distribution of new cleaning equipment with necessary training component to insure maximum efficiency. Research of fair market and district cost regarding community of district facilities under the Civic Center Act. Custodial staff will be evaluated by site administrators with assistance from Custodial Services Field Supervisors and/or Director. Increased site inspection and documentation by Field Supervisors. Supervisors are reviewing inspection information with site administrators and custodial personnel. Site administrators signatures are required on inspection forms. Raised expectation and performance by custodial staff regarding restroom inspections and cleanliness. Site custodians are submitting restrooms forms weekly. Custodians eligible for modified duty have been assisting with restroom monitoring at the high school level. Accomplishments Custodial Services

9 JanSeptMarchSeptJan Standard to be addressed20002003200420042005 RatingRatingRatingRatingRating 1.7Outside lighting is properly placed and monitored on a regular basis to ensure the operability/adequacy of such lighting to ensure safety while activities are in progress in the evening hours. Outside lighting should provide sufficient illumination to allow for 0 2 3 4 6 the safe passage of students and the public during after-hours activities. Lighting should also provide security personnel with sufficient illumination to observe any illegal activities on campus. 1.8The district has a graffiti and vandalism abatement plan. The district should have a written graffiti and abatement plan that is followed by all district employees. The district 3 1 1 1 3 provides district employees with sufficient resources to meet the requirements of the abatement plan. 1.12Building examinations are performed, and required actions are taken by the governing board upon report of unsafe 2 1 4 4 6 conditions. [ EC 17367] FCMAT Standards Update, January 2005

10 JanSeptMarchSeptJan Standard to be addressed20002003200420042005 RatingRatingRatingRatingRating 1.14Sanitary, neat and clean conditions of the school premises exist and the premises are free from conditions that would 1 1 4 5 7 create a fire hazard. [CCR Title 5 §633] 1.16Appropriate fire extinguishers exist in each building and current inspection information is available. 5 4 4 4 5 [ CCR Title 8 §1922(a)] 1.24The district conducts periodic safety training for employees. District employees should receive periodic training on the 2 3 3 5 6 safety procedures of the district. 2.1The district should have a long-range school facilities master plan. 4 2 3 4 6 2.4The district has created a Citizens Oversight Committee to ensure the appropriateness of expenditures related to the recent passage of the districts local school bond measure(Measure A). This 1 0 4 3 7 committee will function as an advisory facility planning committee. (Reworded since the 2000 report.) 2.6The district should develop and implement an annual capital 1 2 3 5 7 planning budget.

11 JanSeptMarchSeptJan Standard to be addressed20002003200420042005 RatingRatingRatingRatingRating 2.17The district has established and utilizes an organized methodology of prioritizing and scheduling projects. New 1 3 3 5 (Added since the 2000 report.) 2.18The district should distribute facility funding in an equitable manner to all communities served and to all New 1 3 3 5 school levels. (Added since the 2000 report.) 3.10The district maintains a plan for the maintenance and 1 1 3 4 6 modernization of its facilities. [EC 17366] 3.12The district actively manages the deferred maintenance projects. The district should review the five-year deferred maintenance plan annually to remove any completed projects 1 1 5 6 7 and include any newly eligible projects. The district should also verify that the projects performed during the year were included in the state-approved, five-year deferred maintenance plan. 6.3The district provides facilities for its Special Education programs which provide appropriate learning environments in relation to 2 3 4 5 7 educational program needs.

12 JanSeptMarchSeptJan Standard to be addressed20002003200420042005 RatingRatingRatingRatingRating 8.3The district should create and maintain a system to track utility costs and consumption and to report on New 0 2 2 3 the success of the districts energy program. (Added since the 2000 report.) 8.5Adequate maintenance records and reports are kept, including a complete inventory of supplies, materials, tools and equipment. All employees required to perform maintenance on school sites should be provided with 2 1 3 4 5 adequate supplies, equipment and training to perform maintenance tasks in a timely and professional manner. Included in the training is how to inventory supplies and equipment and when to order or replenish them. 8.6aProcedures are in place for evaluating the work quality of custodial staff. The quality of the work performed by the custodial staff should be evaluated on a regular basis using 1 1 1 3 5 a board-adopted procedure that delineates the areas of evaluation and the types of work to be evaluated.

13 JanSeptMarchSeptJan Standard to be addressed20002003200420042005 RatingRatingRatingRatingRating 8.6bProcedures are in place for evaluating the work quality of maintenance and operations staff. The quality of the work performed by the maintenance and 2 0 3 3 5 operations staff should be evaluated on a regular basis using a board-adopted procedure that delineates the areas of evaluation and the types of work to be evaluated. 8.8The district has an effective preventive maintenance program. The district should have a written preventive maintenance program that is scheduled and followed by the maintenance 1 1 1 1 2 staff. This program should include verification of the completion of work by the supervisor of the maintenance staff. 8.9/ Toilet facilities are adequate and maintained. All buildings 8.10 and grounds are maintained.[CCR Title 5 § 631] 1 1 2 4 6 (Reworded/combined since the 2000 report.) 8.11The district has implemented a planned program maintenance system. The district should have a written planned program maintenance system that includes an inventory of all facilities 1 1 1 1 2 and equipment that will require maintenance and replacement. This program should include purchase prices, anticipated life expectancies, anticipated replacement timelines and budgetary resources necessary to maintain the facilities.

14 JanSeptMarchSeptJan Standard to be addressed20002003200420042005 RatingRatingRatingRatingRating 8.12The district has a documented process for assigning routine repair work orders on a priority basis. New 1 4 5 6 (Added since the 2000 report.) 9.6The district has developed and maintains a plan to ensure equality and equity of its facilities throughout the district. 1 2 3 3 5 [EC 35294] 10.2Education Code Section 38130 establishes terms and condition of school facility use by community organizations, in the process requiring establishment of both direct cost 5 3 3 3 6 and fair market rental rates, specifying what groups have which priorities and fee schedules. 11.3The district should provide clear and comprehensive 0 2 3 5 7 communication to staff of its standards and plans.

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