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PennDOT Strategic Environmental Management Program by Kenneth Thornton, PG, Ileana Ivanciu, PG, and James Heeren, PE 2011 TRB Waste Management and Resource.

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1 PennDOT Strategic Environmental Management Program by Kenneth Thornton, PG, Ileana Ivanciu, PG, and James Heeren, PE 2011 TRB Waste Management and Resource Efficiency Workshop

2 Strategic Environmental Management Plan Policy Pennsylvania Governors Executive Order 1998-1 Required each Commonwealth Agency to develop a Green Plan to incorporate the policies outlined in the Executive Order

3 PennDOT Green Plan Developed a Green Plan Policy appropriate for the PennDOT Assessment of potential environmental impacts concentrated in the construction and maintenance activities of the agency – 833 Construction activities – 678 Maintenance activities Development of an Environmental Management System in conformance with the ISO 14001 standard

4 Green Plan Policy Statement

5 Green Plan Policy Implementation The Green Plan Policy (GPP) is reviewed and approved by the Pennsylvania Secretary of Transportation Requirement of ISO 14001 standard Describes PennDOTs commitment to responsible environmental management – Practicing resource conservation – Ensuring regulatory compliance – Continually improving performance

6 SEMP is the Green Plan for PennDOT Strategic Environmental Management Program

7 Programs Included in SEMP Strategic Recycling Program Maintenance Districts ISO 14001 Certifications (11 districts) Bureau of Construction – Materials Testing Laboratorys ISO 9001 Certification Underground Storage Tank Phase II Compliance Program Engineering Districts 9001 Certifications – District 10 – District 12

8 District Certifications

9 Maintenance Operations Registration Each Maintenance District is independently registered. The scope of the registrations include three (3) distinct Focus Areas. – Winter Services – Stockpile and Garage Management – Roadway Maintenance Activities

10 Winter Services De-icing Materials ApplicationSnow Removal

11 Winter Services Winter Maintenance Materials – Application rates applying the correct amount of material limits the chemical impact on the environment monitor road temperatures for correct material application rate – Material tracking – Reporting what is used is proof of a process for checks and balances for application rates

12 Winter Services Application rates and mix, matched to conditions Tracking materials usage Pretreatment and new technology Equipment calibration Post-storm review

13 Environmental Impacts of Road Salts Wide range of impacts on: – Freshwater ecosystems (groundwater/surface water) – Soil – Vegetation – Wildlife – Human Health In high concentrations, road salts pose a risk to plants, animals and the aquatic environment

14 Environmental Impacts of Road Salts Many freshwater organisms cannot tolerate high concentrations even for a short period Impaired growth of aquatic plants and animals Impacts to residential drinking water wells are primarily from historical salt handling and storage practices

15 Stockpile and Garage Management Underground Storage TanksAboveground Storage Tanks Total No. of Maintenance Facilities/Stockpiles: 461 USTS = 115 ASTS = 1,051

16 Garage/Stockpiles Management Proper Stockpile maintenance will eliminate surface and groundwater contamination Significant aspects include: – Operations – Materials control – Materials containment – Housekeeping (runoff control; salt water cover) – Facility maintenance – Model stockpile implementation – Emergency response

17 Stockpile and Garage Management Materials Storage

18 Garage/Stockpile Management Follow procedures and protocols for storage and waste removal Inspections: – Foremans Quarterly Inspection – Environmental Compliance Checklist – Emergency Response requirements: Annually update Combined Facility Response Plan (CFRP) Periodic Emergency drills (spill drill) – Annual BOMO Quality Assurance Inspection

19 Stockpile Management Grass barrier reduces runoff into groundwater

20 Salt Storage

21 Roadway Maintenance Activities Erosion and Sedimentation Control Waste Management and Spill Prevention/Control

22 Roadway Maintenance Significant aspects include: Erosion & sedimentation controls (silt fences; rock lining; seeding and mulching) Roadway Maintenance waste management Due diligence of soil cuttings Spill management in PennDOT and contractor operations

23 Erosion and Sedimentation


25 Maintenance ISO 14001 Each District SEMP Manager is responsible for day-to day activities including: – Document Control and Records Management – Contractor notification – Scheduling of Internal and External Audits – Providing, scheduling and tracking of maintenance personnel required training – Preparation of the District SEMP annual report and presentation to District Management

26 Pollution Prevention Section (PPS) Provides administrative and technical support: – Analysis of Waste Management – Analysis of Environmental Aspects and Impacts – Analysis of External Audit results and trends – SEMP improvement goals at the statewide level – Tracking of Statewide Legal and other requirements – Statewide ISO 14001 Procedures and other SEMP support – Preparation and submittal of the Annual Statewide SEMP Management Report – Management of SEMP consulting and external ISO Registration contracts

27 External Audit Findings by Fiscal Year

28 Financial Benefits Materials reuse Environmental Liability avoidance (pollution prevention) Waste Management/minimization Performance enhancements and qualitative improvements Less re-work on maintenance activities Fewer operation stoppages by County Conservation District

29 Cultural Change Management support and participation energizes workers and supervisors to continually improve performance SEMP Awareness leads to Cultural Change – Properly planned work protects the environment – Awareness of how actions can impact the environment

30 Questions & Comments Ileana Ivanciu, PG Dewberry-Goodkind, Inc. Kenneth Thornton, PG Pennsylvania Department of Transportation James Heeren, PE Dewberry-Goodkind, Inc.

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