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Oregon 62: I-5 to Dutton Rd. (Medford) for Jackson County Planning Commission May 9, 2013.

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1 Oregon 62: I-5 to Dutton Rd. (Medford) for Jackson County Planning Commission May 9, 2013

2 Objectives Provide an overview of work to date Explain the process and alternatives that were consider in DEIS Show a summary of project impacts Share next steps

3 Study Area The project study area is a 7.9-mile corridor extending from I-5 through White City Oregon 62

4 Project Purpose The purpose of the proposed action is to: Improve transportation mobility and safety in the OR62 corridor; Simplify transportation system connections; Identify potential improvements for non-highway modes; and Maintain the regional economic role of the OR62 corridor.

5 Project Need DEFICIENT ROADWAY SYSTEM Confusing road system connections Lacks hierarchy of connections that aids through travelers in finding their way. COORIDOR CONGESTION Existing congestion is high and projected to worsen in the future. 4 of 9 signalized intersections exceed performance targets currently By 2035, 8 of 9 signalized intersections will exceed targets SAFETY High crash rates Multiple Top 5 and 10% SPIS Locations Limited and deficient pedestrian, bicycle and transit infrastructure/service

6 Decision-Making Process Project Decision Needed CAC, using input from public and staff, makes a recommendation to PDT PDT, after considering all input, decides whether to act on the CAC recommendation Staff provides technical input Community (general public, local jurisdictions, businesses, and others) provides valuable input If PDT doesn't act on CAC recommendation, more information is gathered and the process is repeated OR PDT decision is recorded

7 Decision-Making Process Project Development Team (PDT) A team that includes City, County, State and Federal technical members, local stakeholders and development staff. Represent disciplines such as environmental, planning, freight, traffic analysis, regional issues, as well as. Responsible for project management decisions, technical quality of the project and assisting in the successful development of the project. Represent the best interests of the public at large. Provides overall strategy and direction to the project.

8 Decision-Making Process (cont.) Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) Includes concerned citizens from the general project area, including highway users, property and business owners. Represents disciplines such as bicyclists, pedestrians, transit, agriculture, environmental issues and other interests. Serves as a forum and community sounding board for the project. Advises the PDT to ensure that the interests, issues, knowledge and recommendations of the local community are considered in project decisions.

9 NEPA Process The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) We are here

10 How do People Use Oregon 62? Roughly 40% of the vehicles on OR 62 are traveling through the corridor The other 60% of the vehicles have either an origin or a destination within the corridor CONCLUSION: Any plan to reduce congestion in the OR 62 corridor will have to include easy access to the businesses AND a limited-access expressway for efficient through- traffic movement. Medford White City Highway 62

11 Reduced Range of Alternatives Bypass Bypass with Split Diamond Interchange at I-5 Existing Highway Build Texas Turnaround

12 Bypass Alternative Vilas Road Current Hwy 62 Medford Airport Delta Waters White City Agate Road Poplar is grade-separated N

13 Bypass with Split Diamond

14 Existing Highway Build Current Highway Cross-Section Proposed Alternative Cross-Section

15 Texas Turnaround Alternative Current Highway Cross-Section Texas Turnaround Cross-Section

16 Alternatives in DEIS Split Diamond Interchange at I-5 SD Alternative Directional Interchange at I-5 DI Alternative Design Options A, B and C

17 Preferred Alternative: SD Interchange with Design Option C

18 JTA Phase Jobs and Transportation Act - $100 M

19 (info here on JTA + impacts) ie: travel time reduction using bypass) vpool mitigation site? traffic circulation (see next two slides for N.and S. terminus areas)

20 JTA Phase - Southern Terminus

21 JTA Phase – Northern Terminus

22 Floodplains

23 Floodplains contd. (Wades info here???)

24 Next Steps May 2013: Publish FEIS/Record of Decision (ROD) August 2013:Permits/Approvals March 2014:Phase 1 JTA Phase Bid Date February 2016:Phase 2 JTA Phase Bid Date

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