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OR 22 – Greenwood Road to Doaks Ferry Road Expressway Management Plan.

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1 OR 22 – Greenwood Road to Doaks Ferry Road Expressway Management Plan

2 Background OR 22 is a statewide highway, expressway, and freight route and is the major connection from the mid-Willamette Valley to the central Oregon Coast Safety issues on the highway between Greenwood Road and Doaks Ferry Road that are generally attributable to: –Increased traffic volumes on the highway (mobility standards currently being met in most locations but that will change over the planning period) –Large number of public and private accesses on the highway –Poor geometry in some locations

3 The Process Project management team with representatives from City of Salem, Polk County, SKATS, and ODOT. Consultant team led by CH2M-Hill. Two public open houses were held. Numerous meetings with individuals, property owners, stakeholders (e.g., Friends of Polk County, Polk County Farm Bureau).

4 Facility Plan Goals Develop feasible alternatives that address operational, safety, and geometric problems, and that meet applicable provisions of the Highway Design Manual (HDM) and the Oregon Highway Plan (OHP) Incorporate findings and recommendations into local agency plans Red flag environmental analysis

5 Facility Plan Goals (cont.) Meet OAR 734-051 access spacing requirements to the maximum extent feasible Develop improvements that will facilitate continued operation of the highway as an expressway and freight route Provide an access management plan as defined in OAR 734-051-0155

6 Plan Limits

7 Issue Areas Identified in the Plan OR 22/Greenwood Road intersection OR 22/OR 51 intersection OR 22/Doaks Ferry Road intersection

8 Greenwood Road

9 Greenwood Road Issues Low-volume county road intersection Provides access across the highway for school buses and farm equipment 20-year analysis indicates need for highway to be 6 lanes to meet OHP and HDM mobility standards

10 Greenwood Road Intersection

11 Greenwood Road

12 Greenwood Road Recommendation

13 OR 22/OR 51 Intersection

14 OR 22/OR 51 Issues Top 10% SPIS site Numerous private property accesses in close proximity to intersection High volume of WB left-turning vehicles – especially during the PM peak No at-grade solution was identified that would meet OHP or HDM mobility standards

15 OR 22/OR 51 Intersection

16 OR 22/OR 51

17 OR 22/OR 51 Recommendation

18 Doaks Ferry Road

19 Doaks Ferry Road Issues T intersection with poor geometry and sight distance Was previously a Top 10% SPIS site Most crashes at the intersection related to left-turns from Doaks Ferry Road to the eastbound highway

20 Doaks Ferry Road



23 Doaks Ferry Road – Short-term solution

24 Doaks Ferry Road – mid-term solution

25 Summary of Recommended Actions Replace Greenwood Road at-grade intersection with an overpass Replace OR 22/OR 51 at-grade intersection with interchange Initiate preparation of an interchange area management plan and EA for the OR 22/OR 51 interchange Construct local access road system to connect to interchange and eliminate all private access Eliminate left-turns from Doaks Ferry Road Install raised median on highway through study area Plan document will state that all recommended actions are not reasonably likely

26 Next steps Endorsement of expressway management plan by MWACT Adoption of expressway management plan by Polk County and SKATS –Note – Polk County has incorporated the provisions of OAR 660-012-0065 (Transportation Improvements on Rural Lands) into its Zoning Code. Therefore, once included in the Comprehensive Plan and TSP, any improvements proposed in this plan can be approved by the County through a conditional use permit process. Adoption of expressway management plan as a facility plan by the OTC Initiate IAMP and environmental document for OR 22/51 interchange and related activities –Note – interchange and most of the local access roads are located within the MPO boundary and are subject to financial constraint requirements in order for the recommendations to be included in the MPO plan.

27 the end

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