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NEXT 15 20 25 510 Calendar/ schedule Electronic reimburse ment Leave Comp time Extra Stuff 5 5 5 5 10 15 20 25 20 Team One Team Two Team.

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9 15 20 25 510 Calendar/ schedule Electronic reimburse ment Leave Comp time Extra Stuff 5 5 5 5 10 15 20 25 20 Team One Team Two Team Three Team Four Team Five Team Six

10 Topic 1 Question for 5 Points How often do you need to turn in your schedule to Dawn? Show Answer

11 Topic 1 Answer for 5 Points Every week, unless your schedule remains constant. Back to Board

12 Topic 1 Question for 10 Points Who should I contact if I am going to miss work? Show Answer

13 Topic 1 Answer for 10 Points Your secretary, your voice mail, a building contact (if they are expecting you) Back to Board

14 Topic 1 Question for 15 Points What reasons are allowed to make a calendar change? Show Answer

15 Topic 1 Answer for 15 Points To accommodate agency/school needs. With supervisor approval. (include reason on change form) Back to Board

16 Topic 1 Question for 20 Points Employees should take into account these three things when completing their employment calendar. Show Answer

17 Topic 1 Answer for 20 Points 1.District calendar 2.Region meeting schedule 3.Agency needs/services Back to Board

18 Topic 1 Question for 25 Points Is mileage given to staff assigned to the same building M-F? If so how is it figured? Is mileage given to itinerant staff? If so how is it figured? Show Answer

19 Topic 1 Answer for 25 Points Same location: No (considered a commute by the IRS) Itinerant: *Mileage is reimbursed from agency center to site (or home to site) whichever is less. *Mileage driven between first and last assignment is reimbursed. *Mileage from agency center to and from home is NOT reimbursed. Back to Board

20 Topic 2 Question for 5 Points How much is mileage reimbursement per mile? Show Answer

21 Topic 2 Answer for 5 Points 37 cents Back to Board

22 Topic 2 Question for 10 Points List 2 examples of non mileage expences that should be entered online. Show Answer

23 Topic 2 Answer for 10 Points 1.Meals during out of agency travel 2.Other agency directed travel expenses such as lodging. 3.Approved supplies purchased out of pocket Back to Board

24 Topic 2 Question for 15 Points What is the process for buying supplies needed that are not available through the agency office supplies? Show Answer

25 Topic 2 Answer for 15 Points Ask Dawn for a purchase order, Have Dawn order it from a common supplier, last resort is out of pocket on your own (must be approved by supervisor) *Max reimbursement is 50$ total cost purchases made on the same day. Back to Board

26 Topic 2 Question for 20 Points What is the cell phone reimbursement per minute and the max per month reimbursement? Show Answer

27 Topic 2 Answer for 20 Points 13 cents per minute; max of 30$ per month. (must highlight calls on phone bill and turn in through electronic reimbursement.) Back to Board

28 Topic 2 Question for 25 Points How long do you have to submit reimbursement? And when is payment sent to staff? Show Answer

29 Topic 2 Answer for 25 Points Claims must be submitted within 6 months. Payment is made the second Wednesday of each month. Back to Board

30 Topic 3 Question for 5 Points List 2 types of leave that are available to employees. Show Answer

31 Topic 3 Answer for 5 Points Personal leave, emergency leave, illness (personal or family), bereavement, jury duty and leave without pay. Back to Board

32 Topic 3 Question for 10 Points What is the timeline for Professional Leave requests? (request, approval, executive approval) Show Answer

33 Topic 3 Answer for 10 Points 1.Completed, submitted and received by secretary 15 Agency Days prior to event. 2.Upon approval by RA request is submitted for executive approval. 3.Executive approval to employee within 10 agency days. Back to Board

34 Topic 3 Question for 15 Points What was added to the list for professional leave dollars last year? How often can that item be purchased? Show Answer

35 Topic 3 Answer for 15 Points Pocket or palm-sized portable computing devices (like iPods) every 2 years. Phones, iPads and other tablet or notebook size computers are NOT included. Back to Board

36 Topic 3 Question for 20 Points What is the timeline for agency directed travel? Where do you submit claims? Show Answer

37 Topic 3 Answer for 20 Points Complete Agency directed travel form and turn in 5 days prior to departure. Approval required before departure. Expenses are submitted on electronic claim system. Back to Board

38 Topic 3 Question for 25 Points Scenario: I am at a conference (professional leave) and am checking out of my hotel. Do I pay out of pocket? If yes, how do I get reimbursed? If no, how do I pay? Show Answer

39 Topic 3 Answer for 25 Points 1. Employee makes personal payment for hotel. 2. After event employee submits completed professional leave form to region secretary for supervisor approval. 3. Employee is to attach receipt to form. Back to Board

40 Topic 4 Question for 5 Points When the agency center closes, options for making up work time include (name 2) Show Answer

41 Topic 4 Answer for 5 Points Calendar change, Emergency leave, Personal leave, Leave without pay. * Contracted staff may also use comp time if previously earned and approved by RA, Full time classified staff may use vacation, work a longer day within the 7 day period or make it up on the weekend. Back to Board

42 Topic 4 Question for 10 Points What activities may be considered when accumulating comp time? (name 2) Show Answer

43 Topic 4 Answer for 10 Points If it is personal interactions related to direct service. Examples include: IEP meetings, parent/community meetings, CISM support, presentations/workshops that go beyond the work day, client visits. Back to Board

44 Topic 4 Question for 15 Points When are time sheets used for contracted staff? Classified staff? Show Answer

45 Topic 4 Answer for 15 Points Contracted: new employee before contract is signed, for added days, TQ Classified: Use online Payroll time card system, enter daily, certify Friday of each week. Back to Board

46 Topic 4 Question for 20 Points What is the procedure for comp time for classified staff? (list 3 of 4 steps) Show Answer

47 Topic 4 Answer for 20 Points 1.Any change from regular schedule requires prior supervisor approval. 2.Assigned work in excess of 40 hours per week is considered overtime. 3.Employees may be granted comp time in lieu of overtime. 4.Use same year as gained. Back to Board

48 Topic 4 Question for 25 Points What are the three things to remember if you are planning on taking classes for a salary lane change? Show Answer

49 Topic 4 Answer for 25 Points 1.Advised to get prior supervisor approval. 2.Semester hours must be completed by September 1. 3.Evidence of additional hours submitted by October 1 to HR. Back to Board

50 Topic 5 Question for 5 Points How much data is collected at the conclusion of ESY services? Show Answer

51 Topic 5 Answer for 5 Points Collect 9 weeks after service. * need measurable baseline, EYSE conference by February or March, consider frequency, duration, location. Back to Board

52 Topic 5 Question for 10 Points In the event of a work- related injury or blood borne exposure employee is to: (name one step) Show Answer

53 Topic 5 Answer for 10 Points 1.Notify supervisor and business services (6706) within 24 hours of injury. 2.Seek medical attention if necessary. May go to provider of choice, inform provider that it is work related. Back to Board

54 Topic 5 Question for 15 Points Name 2 reasons staff why staff would not be allowed to have a secondary employment. Show Answer

55 Topic 5 Answer for 15 Points 1. Interfers with agency responsibilities. 2.Occurs on agency time. 3.Using agency materials or resources. 4.Replacing or interfering with agency services. Back to Board

56 Topic 5 Question for 20 Points Conflict of Interest policy indicates that employees should not …(note 2 of 4 reasons) Show Answer

57 Topic 5 Answer for 20 Points 1.Act as an agent or dealer for the sale of textbooks or other school supplies. 2.Participate in an outside activity where their position on staff is used to sell goods or services to students or parents served by the agency. 3.Engage in outside work where information regarding the customer originates from info obtained because of employment. 4.Engage in outside employment that is in conflict with official duties and responsibilities. Back to Board

58 Topic 5 Question for 25 Points Who do you contact and what is the procedure for obtaining records for North and South facility? Show Answer

59 Topic 5 Answer for 25 Points 1.Must have legitimate reason. 2.Contact Virginia or Barb via phone, email or in person. 3.They will document you have reviewed. 4.Return records promptly IN person not van mail. 5.Dont leave it out, etc. Confidential information. Back to Board

60 Show Question

61 Big Points Question Which region is the BEST most fun, at Grant Wood AEA? Show Answer 302928272625242322212019181716151413121110987654321

62 Big Points Answer for Big Points CENTRAL REGION Back to Board

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