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Sports reporting is journalism! Crime 5388/receiver-rainey-hit-with-stalking.html.

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1 Sports reporting is journalism! Crime 5388/receiver-rainey-hit-with-stalking.html

2 Sports reporting is journalism! Financial investigations 5765214

3 Sports reporting is journalism! Profiles aseball/30hamilton.html?pagewanted=all

4 Sports reporting is journalism! Human interest the_bonus/04/05/little.rock0409/

5 Sports reporting is journalism! Government dyn/articles/A43422-2005Mar17.html 4655.html

6 Covering sports Game story checklist Final score Teams’ names When and where Key players and key plays Quotes Strategies Key statistics Injuries Both teams’ records What the game means Other relevant factors

7 Covering sports Advance sporting event checklist Significance of game History Key players Records and recent performances Quotes Strategies Injuries Other factors Who’s favored Time, place and ticket information

8 Covering sports Compiling, crunching sport stats –Conduct solid research. –Take careful notes. –Use stats selectively. –Add charts, graphs or sidebars, if needed.

9 Covering sports Sports style –Team name usually plural. –High school athletes are girls and boys. –Abbreviate league names. –Avoid native American team names. –Use figures for measurements. –Use numerals for scores and time.

10 Covering sports Tips for the sports beat –Covering events Know the sport. Cultivate your sources. Ask tough, pointed questions. –Writing stories Think plot, not play-by- play. Avoid jargon and clichés. Remember, it’s a game.

11 Business reporting dyn/content/article/2010/11/11/AR2010111 107518.html dyn/content/article/2010/11/11/AR2010111 107518.html

12 Business reporting Know where to get official information (quarterly/annual reports, SEC filings, etc.) Understand how the stock market works if you’re covering public companies Watch out for spin!

13 Business reporting Understand something about basic economics (supply/demand, tax structure, inflation/deflation) Don’t trust yourself – find experts, but choose them carefully Business groups can be useful, but be sure to think about what they’re saying

14 Business reporting itics/11fiscal.html?_r=1&scp=10&sq=bowl es%20simpson%20deficit&st=cse itics/11fiscal.html?_r=1&scp=10&sq=bowl es%20simpson%20deficit&st=cse

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