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Religion in the 1930s Created By: Ivan, Christian, and Danielle.

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1 Religion in the 1930s Created By: Ivan, Christian, and Danielle

2 African Americans Religion Many Africa Americans were mostly Christian The public thought African Americans believed in religious figures, such as Father Divine or Daddy Grace Most Protestants, except African Americas and southern whites, voted Republicans Christianity offered the African Americans with solace and hope.

3 Father Divine

4 Religion and politics The African American people had the freedom to open their own churches They could worship what religion they wanted To Americans religion gave meaning to their life and told them who they were Protestants worried about the Catholic community becoming to strong African American and southern whites tended to be Democratic and Protestants Republican

5 Religion and Politics

6 Whites Religion Almost all of the white people were Christians. Their religion was a very important part of their life, which is why they went to church every Sunday to worship, and prayed before every meal. Part of the white peoples beliefs were that African Americans were not equal to white people. They thought their religion was better than all of the other religions, and so they acted as the dominant group.

7 Word Bank Protestants: n. a follower of any Western Christian churches that are separate from the Roman Catholic Church Father Divine: n. helped move African-American churches past the struggle for racial justice Daddy Grace: n. leader of a huge nationwide congregation that consisted of African Americans that worked to feed and cloth the needy Solace: n. comfort or consolation in a time of distress Christians: n. a person who believes in Jesus Christ

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