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Imperialism What, Why and How.

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1 Imperialism What, Why and How

2 Definition of Imperialism
A policy in which a nation establishes economic, political and cultural dominance over other territories

3 King Leopold II

4 Motivations to Establish Empire
International economic and political competition Demand for natural resources Demand for cheap labor Search for new markets Racism and ethnocentrism

5 Necessary Conditions for Building Empire
Political stability Wealth Technological superiority Large Population Sense of purpose Patriotism? Racism? Religious conversion?

6 How are mercantilism, the Industrial Revolution and Imperialism connected?
Accumulation of National Wealth Increased Production Consumer Goods Need More Resources Need New Markets Industrialization

7 Two Stages of Imperialism
First Stage: Conquest Usually requires military force Economic and political manipulation Second Stage:Colonialism Imperial power establishes a government through which it controls the affairs of the nation Direct Imperial power sends its own officials to rule Indirect Imperial power rules through existing leaders (natives)

8 Establishing Colonialism
Imperial power Sets up government and economic systems Turns native population into laborers Taxation Requires natives to become consumers Ex: Export wheat, sell cereal Imposes “education” and religion on native population

9 African Proverb Until Lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter

10 Which story or perspective of imperialism became the dominant one?
Hunter or the Lion “Modernizing” “Civilizing” “Progress” “Uplift” “Robbed, cheated” “Racism” “Set back” “Oppression” Which story or perspective of imperialism became the dominant one?

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