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Massachusetts Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) December 2009.

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1 Massachusetts Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) December 2009

2 Overview Massachusetts Process for Developing a QRIS Massachusetts QRIS Standards Pilot of Massachusetts QRIS Next Steps

3 A Quality Rating & Improvement System (QRIS) is a method to assess, improve, and communicate the level of quality in early care & education and after-school settings. (Stair Steps to Quality, United Way Success by Six, p. 4) QRIS: Quality Rating and Improvement System

4 Slide from Anne Mitchell

5 Components of Massachusetts QRIS Standards Program and Practitioner Supports Monitoring and Accountability (ratings) Fiscal Incentives (for programs and parents) Family Information and Education

6 MA QRIS Overarching Structure: All elements of QRIS should include licensed and license-exempt programs and providers serving children birth – 14 years of age Any element of the QRIS, and in particular the ratings, voluntary participation initially, eventually may be mandatory to receive certain funding Design of standards should consider different setting types Provide financial and other quality supports during implementation

7 Process for developing QRIS Standards Guidance from EEC Board and EEC Advisory Team Group of Internal and External Stakeholders created a draft Draft posted for public input Brought consultant on to revise the Standards to be simpler and ensure evidence-based 7

8 MA QRIS Standards Standards Categories: Curriculum and Learning Environment Workforce Qualifications and Professional Development Leadership, Management and Administration Family Involvement Versions: Center-Based Family Child Care After-School and Out of School Time Rating: Blocks – Must do everything at Level 1 before progressing to Level 2, etc. 8

9 Standards, Assessment and Accountability Quality Rating and Improvement System* Curriculum and Learning: curriculum, assessment, teacher child interactions, special education, children with diverse language and cultures Workforce Qualifications and Professional Development: directors, teachers, teacher assistants, consultants Environment: indoor, outdoor, health and safety Leadership, Management and Administration: supervision, management, community involvement, supervision and leadership Family Involvement 9

10 Example: Center-Based: Curriculum and Learning - Curriculum 10

11 QRIS Pilot – Spring 2010 Being designed currently Likely start with current UPK grantees and Head Start programs Will test out rating system and monitoring tools Will have fiscal incentives to encourage programs to maintain and continue to improve their quality Figuring out components of: Program and Practitioner Supports and Family and Consumer Engagement Will evaluate process 11

12 Next steps: Host event on Dec. 16 th with CAYL Fellows to review revised standards with many stakeholders who have been part of the process Design QRIS pilot for Spring 2010 Develop protocols and tools for monitoring Train reviewers on Environmental Rating Scale (ERS) tools Develop Fiscal Incentives component 12

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