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1 Alcohol

2 Alcohol The drug found in wine, beer and liquor that causes intoxication Considered a drug because it alters a persons physical and emotional state Intoxication Physical and mental changes produced by drinking AKA: drunk, hammered, sloshed…

3 Short Term Effects Irritates mouth, throat, esophagus and stomach
Heart must work harder Body looses heat Liver works harder Causes dehydration

4 Long Term Effects Damage to Body Damage to Brain
Damage heart- irregular heart beat, hypertension Damage to liver Cirrhosis Disease that replaces healthy liver tissue with scar tissue Damage to Brain Dehydration and lack of oxygen causes cell death Dementia- decrease brain function Loss of brain function

5 Effects on Mind Slows down nervous system 1-2 drinks 2+ drinks
Talkative and relaxed 2+ drinks Loose ability to make good decisions Multiple Drinks Slurs speech, coordination, mood swings

6 Blood Alcohol Concentration
BAC Amount of alcohol in a person’s blood as a percentage Driving Limits .08 legal limit (DUI) .02 has ability to influence driving Buzzed driving is drunk driving!

7 Alcohol Breakdown Liver can break down 0.4 oz of alcohol in 1 hr
How long will it take to break down a 1.5 oz serving of liquor containing 40% alcohol? 40% = 0.4 1.5 x 0.4 = 0.6 oz of alcohol in one drink = 1 hr 1.5 hrs to completely breakdown the drink

8 Alcohol Breakdown Example:
How long will it take to break down (3) 12 oz. cans of beer with 4.2% of alcohol content? How long will it take to break down a (2) 5 oz. glasses of red wine containing 12% alcohol

9 Family and Society Alcohol Abuse Binge Drinking Alcoholism Stages
Drinking too much alcohol habitually Binge Drinking Heavy episode of drinking Alcoholism Lose control of drinking behavior Stages Problem drinking Tolerance Dependence

10 Alcohol & Pregnancy Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)
Set of physical and mental defects that affect the fetus because of consumption FAS is the leading preventable cause of mental retardation in our country

11 Drinking and Driving Slows reaction time Affects vision Reduces coordination Affects judgement 513,000 people in the US are injured in alcohol-related car crashes every year 3 in 10 will be involved in a alcohol-related crash

12 GET HOME SAFE Don’t drink Plan ahead Arrange someone to pick you up
Designated driver “DD” Arrange someone to pick you up Call a cab

13 Drink Count? How many drinks have you had today?
How long do you need to wait before the alcohol is completely out of your system? Are you safe to drive?

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