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Build a Better Blog Susan R. Wills, Media Specialist

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1 Build a Better Blog Susan R. Wills, Media Specialist

2 Our Goals Identify Blog Resources Learn how to create a Blog Learn how to import photos, slideshows, video, links, audio, and gadgets into a Blog Discover ways to use Blogs

3 Edublogs Sign up by providing a Username and e-mail address

4 Edublogs Login

5 Dashboard

6 Edublogs- Posting Simply type in text for Title and text for Post. Click on Publish Click on Visit Site

7 Edublogs- Media Click on Add New. Click on the Media tab.

8 Edublogs- Media Choose file where media is located and click Upload. Once uploaded- your Media will appear in your Media Library.

9 Edublogs- Links Click Add New- type in Name of link and Web Address. Click Add Link. Click on Edit to edit and delete links.

10 Blogger If you have a Google account (Gmail)- sign in with username and password. Click on Create a Blog No Google account? Set one up by clicking on

11 Step 1: Create a Google Account Enter and re-type e- mail address Enter and re-type password Type in Display name Type letters in Word Verification box Click

12 Step 2: Name your blog Type a Name for your blog Type blog address Type word verification Click

13 Step 3: Choose a Template Choose a template (can be changed later) Click Start Blogging!

14 Removing Next Blog From Blogger Step 1: From the Dashboard- click Layout Step 2: Click Edit HTML Step 3: Under Edit Template- you will see the blog's HTML

15 Paste this code into the HTML at exact place

16 Step 4: Create a Post On the Dashboard- Click on Can also Edit Posts from this window

17 Step 5: Editing a Post In the Dashboard- click on Edit Posts Click Edit After editing, click Publish Post

18 Commenting in Blogger Click on Settings tab. Click preferences for Who Can Comment

19 Add Photos Step 2: Click Posting Tab Step 3: Click on Add Image icon Step 4: Choose Layout and Image Size Step 5: Click on and locate photo Step 6: Click Step 8: Click on Done Step 7: Click Step 1: From the Dashboard- Click

20 Adding Gadgets Click on Layout tab Click on Add a Gadget

21 Gadgets Basic Followers HTML/JavaScript* Text AdSense Picture Slide Show Video Bar Poll * Blog List Link List* Feed Newsreel Labels Subscription Links Logo Profile Blog Archive Page Header

22 Recording Video in Skype Step 1: Download Skype program Will need a webcam (external or internal) Will need microphone (external or internal) 2 good websites: and Step 2: Download Call Recorder Mac: eCamm- $19.95 PC: Pamela Pro Version- $19.99 Step 3: During Skype session- click record and it records directly to your computer. Can edit your video to upload to your blog.

23 Adding Video to your Blog Step 1: On the Dashboard- Click on New Post Step 2: Click on the icon that looks like a film strip Step 3: You will see the following pop-up box Step 4: Click on Choose File and locate the video file on your computer. Step 5: Title the video Step 6: Be sure to check the box to agree terms Step 7: Click on Upload Video

24 Adding Links to your Blog Step 1: Click on Add a Gadget Step 2: Click on HTML/JavaScript

25 Adding Links to your Blog Type in title and Content In the Content Box- Highlight what is to be linked and click on hyperlink icon. Type in web address. Click OK and Save

26 Adding Audio to your Blog Step 1: Save audio file (podcast) to your computer Step 2: Login to

27 Step 3: Locate audio file and drag it to choose the file Step 4: Click Upload Step 5: Click on more options and copy embed code Step 6: Go to your blog and paste embed code into your new post

28 Youre Done! Click Publish Your blog has been published! You can edit your blog at You can view your blog at www(yourblogname) m

29 IMPORTANT Guidelines Before posting student pictures or information online--be sure to have a written permission and check your systems Technology Resources Agreement. Example: and

30 Part 2: Slideshow Websites Click on Free Signup

31 Select a username Select a password First Name E-mail address Zip code Picturetrail Step 1: Signup

32 Picturetrail Step 2: Add Photos Click on Upload Photos Photos will be added to an album that will need to be named

33 Picturetrail Step 3: Add Images Create a new album or upload to an existing album Click Choose File Then Upload Now

34 Picturetrail Step 4: Locate Image File Locate images on computer or on the web Click Open

35 Picturetrail Step 5: Upload Photos After files are chosen- click Upload Now

36 Picturetrail Step 6: Choose Photos Choose photos to be added to slideshow by clicking on the thumbnails

37 Picturetrail Step 7: Choose Designs Click on Add Photos Choose Skins, Decorations, Glitter, Borders, Backgrounds, etc.

38 Picturetrail Step 8: Choose Style Choose Transitions for photos Choose Shape of Slideshow

39 Picturetrail Step 9: Thats it! You did it! Copy Code Paste in the Posting section on your blog

40 Picturetrail From this window- you can get the code, e-mail, edit, preview or delete the Slideshow

41 Other Slideshow Websites





46 Hardware Must Have!! Features: USB Connection 60 min Recording Time Built-In Microphone

47 Digital Camera Features to Look For: USB Connection SD card 4 Megapixels is sufficient Compare cameras at websites such as

48 Voice Recording Software Audacity® is a free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. Website: Hardware- Desktop Microphone Headphones with Microphone These can be purchased from an Office store or

49 Recorders iPod with Voice Recorder Sony Voice Recorder ICD-UX71

50 Blog Content Advertise your library Raise money through donations Include addresses of State Senators and Representatives Showcase student Learning Projects and Activities Podcasts Book Reviews Online discussions- respond to posts or literature Videos Slideshows of events (Read Across America) Book Fair Commercials Source of Information for Parents, Students Library Policies, rules, etc. Links to websites Accelerated Reading information

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